Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 25

DR. JAMES O’TOOLE: Surgeon’s Focus on the Individual Heals Bodies, Replenishes Spirits By Jen Forsyth and Lydia Blank Nationally renowned, double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. James O’Toole is leading the way with the finest patient care available. His initial consultation al- ways begins with a listening ear and a thoughtful discus- sion. While understanding his patient’s primary concern is critical, he dives deeper to learn about their lifestyle, hobbies, and daily routines to determine next steps. An individual’s daily activities can impact the timing of the procedure or which incision patterns might be used, and it could dictate whether the person should have the pro- cedure at all. “The most important thing,” O’Toole explained, “is we are extraordinarily focused on the patient. Not just their outcomes, but on listening to what they really want and helping them achieve their goals.” Although he performs nearly every type of cosmetic procedure, including non-invasive procedures like cos- metic injections and chemical peels, his practice is best known for breast cancer care. O’Toole was one of the first plastic surgeons in the country to combine cosmetic and medically centered surgical techniques, allowing breast cancer patients to look better following mastectomy. “If the patient looks good, they feel better, which means they will heal faster.” He collaborates with sur- gical oncologists to not only remove the cancer, but also rebuild the patient’s body to look as good as possible fol- lowing treatment. Dr. O’Toole’s passion for his patients’ self-esteem and personal needs developed when he was the plastic surgeon chief resident at Long Island Plastic Sur- gery Group PC in New York City. There, he recognized the scarring that many pro- cedures, like conventional mastectomies, leave be- hind and was determined to find a better way. Upon returning to his hometown in Pittsburgh, Pa., Dr. O’Toole became board certified with the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Today, more than a decade later, his pri- vate practice is thriving. No matter which procedure he performs, Dr. O’Toole strives to minimize his surgical footprint. “I want all my patients—whether breast cancer, melanoma, or even my cosmetic patients—to look as natural and as much like themselves coming out of surgery as they did going in. The goal is to look like I was never there.” O’Toole Plastic Surgery is located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Dr. O’Toole has surgical privileges at UPMC Shadyside, Magee Women's Hospi- tal of UPMC, Allegheny General Hospital, West Penn Hospital, and St. Clair Hospital. To learn more, visit or call 412-345-1615. n SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Four issues a year delivered straight to your mailbox.