Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 20

LIVING When it comes to storytelling and captivating your audience, big or small, your “how” will always be more powerful than your “what.” So, stop worrying so much about choosing the perfect words, and start sharing! Focus on the how. Get comfortable being seen. Play around with your message. No one remembers the girl at the party who said the perfect sentence, but they always remember the girl who shone her light into the room, just by being herself. Your energy tells your story. STEP 2: STRUCTURE Once you’re clear on how you want to shine your light into the world, it’s important to put it into a structure. Audiences (and people in general) appreciate struc- ture. We naturally look for patterns, because we like to find ways to feel like we’re in control, like we can predict what’s going to happen next. Therefore, if you want your audience to feel at ease, it’s great to create a predictable structure of sorts. You see this all the time by the way a host will open or close a show using the same taglines or phrases, or the way that every movie theater has trivia questions, an intro, and ad for the concession stands fol- lowed by previews and then the movie. You know what to expect, so you’re more open to re- ceive it. It feels familiar. You trust it. Trust—it’s important to build with an audience if you want to inspire them to change their lives in some way. Why should they trust you? If you want to build a strong following, then you have to make it easy for people to trust you and get to know you—good thing you got comfortable being seen during the first step! Develop a structure for how and when people can expect to hear from you. And, when they DO hear from you, it should be aligned with the kind of brand and message they would expect from you. Help your audience deal with the fact that they can’t predict the future, no matter how badly they want to: give them a structure to lean on. STEP 3: MARKETING Oh, marketing. The very piece that bridges a hobby and a career. The chance for you to shine your light and re- ceive at the same time. Don’t be afraid to receive. Let people know what you’re worth. Stand in everything you have to offer. 20 INSPIRING LIVES SPRING 2017 Marketing is where a lot of people, especially women, start to doubt the worthiness of their message. They wonder “Who am I to be saying this?” “Why are people going to care?” “What if they judge me?” Those thoughts are all perfectly normal, and I’ve never met a successful person who didn’t have those thoughts along the way. The difference is, they didn’t let those thoughts stop them. Marketing is where the rubber meets the road for your mission. This is an important step, not only for YOU, but for your audience too. If you don’t stand up to say “I’m here!” how will they know where to find you? If you don’t show them the different ways they can work with you, how will they know where to begin? Marketing isn’t about asking for something, it’s about creating an opportunity for even more connection. It’s about inviting your audience into your world a little more. It’s about knowing that it’s safe for you to shine and receive abundance in return. Stop playing small. Stop second guessing. Stop selling yourself short. Get out there, and tell them what you’ve got to offer. Don’t even THINK about giving them a discount ei- ther. You’re worth every penny. Play around with these steps in your business life, as well as your professional life. The important thing is that you continue to explore. Get to know yourself, your story, the structure that feels good for you, and then shine it into the world, one light beam at a time. n Jenn Lederer is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, and creator of the podcast, Weekly Alignment™ (where humor meets wellness & business). While she works with a broad spec- trum of clients, Jenn’s experience as the former COO of a talent management company gives her a unique insight working with those in the entertainment industry. With her wicked sense of humor, intuition, and no-bullshit approach to coaching & wellness, she is able to help her clients authentically see them- selves and stop playing small. She can help guide you to the other side of fear; identify your patterns that hold you back and help you to redefine them so that you can authentically show up in the world.