Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 19

HOW TO SHINE IN TODAY’S WORLD W hether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, employee, or the CEO of a house- hold, if you want to bring your best self to the table, you must be willing to do one thing: shine. At first glance, shining may seem like an obvious and even simple concept, but once you step up to shine your light, you might be surprised by how tempting it is to reach for the dimmer. “Who am I to shine this bright?” “It’s selfish to take up this much space.” “I don’t want to seem rude.” “Give someone else a turn.” While you might know that you’re your best self when you shine, if you spend too much time in the spotlight, it can start to get uncomfortable. People might start to notice. You might start to wonder if you’re being “too much.” Your voice is heard, but now you’re unsure if what you have to say even matters that much. Shining your light into the world might not be the eas- iest thing to do, but it is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and everyone else in your world. Whether you’re impacting 1 person or 1 million peo- ple in a day, the effects of your light remain the same: • When you shine, you allow others to do the same. • When you speak up, you dare others to follow suit. • When you stop asking for permission and start moving through your world with confidence, the quiet girl in the back of the room may wonder “Hey, could I do that too?” The domino effect begins. • When you ask for what you want, you are 100% more likely to get it than if you never ask at all. I like those odds. Your light is contagious, and if you want to be a source of good in this world, then it’s your JOB to share it with as many people as you can. The best part is that you already have everything you need to get started. You aren’t missing a thing. You don’t have to hire a guru to help you “find your light.” It’s right there, waiting for you to give it the go ahead to By Jenn Lederer do what it does best—say it with me now—SHINE! But, because “Just shine your light, girl!” might feel a bit too broad to start out, here are three simple steps to help you shine your light into the world while making a difference and receiving even more blessings to fuel your fire. These steps are especially applicable to entre- preneurs, small business owners, and women who are out in the world inspiring lives! (See what I did there?) STEP 1: STORYTELLING Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communication that we have. It’s how history was passed down through generations, and it’s how an en- trepreneur shares her big idea with a room full of po- tential investors. It’s important to know what it is you want to share, but it’s even more important to know how you want to share it. In other words—It’s not WHAT you do. It’s HOW you do it. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of what you want to say. What are the exact right words to use? What can you say to make them feel better? What is the most inspiring angle of the story? But the truth is that none of that matters if, when you go to say these magic words, you come across as cold, discon- nected, small, insecure, or fearful. So, instead of getting b Yۈ]][x&\B[^K\^Z[\[][H[œ^H] ][و[\H[H[[[HO[H[H[[\[[O“[]][ۘ[\[\\[”S M’STSUTŒN