Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 15

“We are sisters… The nation—and the world— need our light.” Women`s March on Washington, January 21, 2017: A record number of demonstrators descended on the nation`s capital to rally against the recently-inaugurated President of the United States, Donald Trump. This worldwide, grassroots movement was a series of political rallies organized for women`s rights as well as a myriad of other causes. Photo: Erin Alexis Randolph | many of the U.N. nations provide for six months or more. 2 But not in the United States. In 2017. We need feminism because little girls should be allowed to dream big, to like robots and glitter and dinos ]\[]\[ܝˈX]\HZ\Z[Z\\X]Hܙ[X]HZ\[\\˂X]\H^Z[]X\۸&]XZH[H8'KB\'H[H[ܙH[HH\[]\H8'\K'BX]\H[H]^H]Y\[^K8'][H[H[[Hܛ\'HH[ۋB\H[[K8'[H[H[[ܙHx'HX]\Z\\ۜKX]\HH۸&][ܜHX][BZ[ܛY܈][Y܈YۛܙY܈Z[KB[\H܈XYHY[ZHZ\Y[[\XH\ˈX]\HH]\[[HY[ZH[KBۙH[x&\X[ۜ\[H\HZ\][X]\B^H\H[X[KX]\HH[[H[]H]XX[\[YH]X[HY[BZ\ٛܝ[H[Y[[K]\[[KHYY[Z[\HX]\H[YH]BXYHܙ\H[\[&]\]X[ [H[قݙ\Y[ [H\\Y[ [BY]ˈ[H][ˈH[]ۈ[ B\ˈHYY[Z[\K܈]\܈ܜKH\HY[[H]\Z[XX\\ X\XX\ۋ\ Bܝ[XX\[\\^H\\]X[]H\][܈\XYY ܈]\[ۙHY[\]X[ BYY\H\ܚY\[HYY[B]\H\HYHX\KH\H[\X\ H\H\\ˈH\HHXY\[ZY[Y›وHܛ HX^H]HY[8'Z[]\HX['H[H\ ][ܙH[]\\\[YB\\[[KH][۸%[Hܛ8%YY\Y ܚH[\^H\HY]܋ܚ][X ]]܋[XZ\[HY]܈و[\[]\XY^[Kܚ][\^KBS M’STSUTŒM