Inspire Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 9

THE POWER OF PET THERAPY James Hoyle knew he wanted to be an artist since he was 6 years old. W I LCOX E M E R G E N CY ROOM FUND Growing up in Nashville, Tenn., James was immediately taken by the This fund was established in beauty of landscapes. In the late 1970s, he came to Hanapepe, Kaua‘i, 2002. Donations help purchase where the island’s lush sceneries provided a rich template for inspiration. However, his work came to an abrupt halt on October 25, 2015 when he was r \Y[YYX[[\܈[Y\[H\\K[XZ[Z[H]K[ً]KX\\]Z\Y[[\Y\YYY\H[Y\[HH]Y[˜][]\H^K'H[YLLKHX[H\YYH[[HY\ܛYYB\\H]]Y^HYK8'H[Y\ZY [Y\[[۝[H][Xݙ\[HH\][ۋ\X[ܚ\][ \]ۋZY[H\Y][Y\'H\۸&]X][܈Z[\YYX][ۈ[\[H[\ۜ]K'BHYY[[ۈ]HZ\Y\ˈHYXYY[XH[Y\[8&\\\HHXYHYYKYHݙYHHܙX]\[[ۈ[H\]Y[Y\][\H[Y\[Y[\X\^KH[Y\X[YH[ܙH\ۜ]K'[Y\\H\]Y[]YH][Yx&\[HYH™]\Xݙ\K8'H\ZY 8'\\]][X[HX[YH[[[]H܂[Y\[]X[H[ZH\YYX][ۋ'BYHY[]HX[YHH\YY[[HٙX\܈[ [[X[]HۙY[Xۚ^Y܈Z\X[]H[[HH][[[ۘ[\Y\[]Y[\ˈ^H[ݚYH\[[ۜ\[[HZY\YY]H[ [Y\\ܘ]Y[܈H\HݚYY]H]HHY[‚']\[ۙH\[\X˜[X]\HوB\H][ x&[HXܚ˸'B\\XX][ۋ']\[ۙH\[\X[X]\HوH\H][ x&[HXܚ8'H[Y\ZY ‚