Inspire Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 8

A PRIVATE TRUST enhances NURSING EDUCATION WHEN A MEDICAL EMERGENCY HAPPENS, HOSPITAL STAFF MUST BE PREPARED. AT WILCOX MEDICAL CENTER, MANIKINS ARE PROVING TO BE THE ANSWER. THE LIFE-SIZE MODELS OF HUMANS ARE THE NEXT BEST THING TO WORKING ON A REAL PERSON. THE COMPUTERIZED SIMULATOR MANIKINS ARE ALREADY GIVING NURSES ON KAUA‘I CONFIDENCE TO HANDLE SITUATIONS THEY MAY HAVE ONLY SEEN IN TEXTBOOKS. “We recently did a trauma simulation “Using manikins in clinical simulations and we utilized the emergency room allows staff to ‘practice on plastic’ staff who don’t typically get their first,” Jaeda said. “It’s important that hands on some of the equipment we have these scenarios because on this drill called for,” said clinical nurse average Wilcox delivers 600 babies educator Paula Hulme. “The staff a year. With the SimMom we will be expressed how invaluable of a lesson able to train our nurses on varying it was to have a pulse or no pulse on complications so that we can be ready the simulator. It gave exposure to a for whatever we are faced with.” procedure that is so rare for them.” Nursing education at work on Sim Manikin The SimMom will be part of a new Soon Wilcox nurses will be able to simulation lab the Wilcox Health prepare for other emergencies. The Foundation is hoping to build in the hospital recently received a $55,466 hospital with more funding from the grant from the Antone & Edene community. If all goes as planned, Vidinha Charitable Trust for a Sim- the new lab will be completed by the Mom, a simulation manikin that trains beginning of next year. A large room people for high-risk birth situations. will hold a group of simulators includ- As the only hospital on Kaua‘i, Wilcox ing a pregnant mother, a newborn and does not handle high-risk births every a male patient so the staff can gather day. The state-of-the-art technology around beds and practice in-the-mo- will allow hospital staff to experience ment medical decisions in real time. simulated births, birthing in different positions, cutting the umbilical cord, automobile accident trauma and other various complications of pregnancy. “I think it’s really exciting to have our own dedicated space,” says clinical nurse educator Paula. “There are times when we are trying to work Nursing manager Jaeda Elvenia is around available patient rooms that confident this new resource will in- if needed, force us to cancel training. crease the quality of nursing This lab will allow us to maintain our education. realistic treatments without worrying about losing our space.” 6