Inspire Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 5

PLANNED GIVING Learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities on page 15. It’s a chance to let your money be a gift to others while also serving as income surgeon Dr. Cass Nakasone. The former “It’s remarkable that a donor is so school principal also established a committed to this and I know patients charitable gift annuity especially for will benefit from our understanding of Straub. She created a scholarship to how modern medicine complements encourage physicians at Straub to non-traditional practices that promote multiple assets, and be given as learn integrative medicine, so they can mind, body and spirit.” an outright gift, a bequest after have more tools to better care for their patients. Concetta said. “When you give, you get “Integrated medicine is a discipline that we want to be aware of as we partner with patients in preventative and comprehensive health care,” said internist Dr. Kathleen Kozak. “Concetta’s contribution has allowed me to learn more about alternative methods for healing responses. “Giving is receiving. It’s just that simple,” back to you. Charitable gift annuities are simply one of a variety of gift vehicles known as planned gifts. These gifts can be funded with passing, or a gift made today to provide significant tax benefits and lifelong income. back in a million different ways.” Inspired by her experience with cancer, Concetta is now working at finding more time to have fun. She is selling her home to free her up so she can take art and dance courses, travel, read, cook, exercise and enjoy the company of her friends. Thanks to ever-changing research and devoted doctors, “Whenever I hear the word cancer, I feel the word hope,” she said. “Giving is receiving. It’s just that simple...when you give, you get back in a million different ways.” 3