Inspire Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 4

Finding THE RIGHT WORDS TO LIVE BY IN ANNUAL CHRISTMAS LETTERS TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS, CONCETTA DILEO CHOOSES ONE WORD TO SUM UP THE YEAR. IN 2014, THAT WORD WAS “PRESERVATION” BECAUSE SHE SPENT A LOT OF TIME TAKING CARE But the personal touches were what lifted Concetta’s spirits the most. “My friend and I had lymphoma at the same time,” she said. “After two OF HERSELF WITH CANCER. SHE NEVER THOUGHT OF LYMPHOMA, AS A years, she got hers back. When I was PERMANENT PART OF HER, IT WAS SOMETHING SHE NEEDED TO ATTEND feeling fatigued, I wondered if it were the same for me. I shared my concern TO, NURTURE, AND GET PAST. One thing that comforted Concetta with my oncologist. Because of my were her experiences with competent, concern, right after the blood results caring doctors at Straub Medical Center. came back, Dr. Ian Okazaki had his When they diagnosed a growth on her assistant Gemma call me to say nose, they detected a tumor on her everything was OK. I really appreciated optic nerve. Treating it saved her his sensitivity and the results made eyesight. Concetta also loved being me very happy.” able to dance a couple of weeks after Concetta has always given to Straub her hip surgeries. She has a tremendous as a way of showing appreciation amount of confidence in the for her wonderful care. Recently she physicians at Straub. donated money for a new training and conference room for the bone and joint center in honor of orthopedic 2