Inspire Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 3

your your GIFT, IMPACT PALI MOMI MEDICAL CENTER: Retina Surgical Equipment Donations to Pali Momi’s Retina Research Fund helped purchase new equipment for the retina center. The Keeler Cryomatic System III is used to treat disorders of the lids or eyes, and will allow more ease and precision in ocular surgeries. In 1993, Pali Momi established the first retina center in the state dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of retina diseases. The Retina Research Fund supports outreach services, equipment purchases, and education programs. KAPI‘OLANI MEDICAL CENTER FOR WOMEN & CHILDREN: Lifesaving Oxygen Machines Donations made at Hawai‘i Costco Wholesale warehouses will go toward two Cardiohelp units for Kapi‘olani’s Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). This lifesaving equipment takes over the work of a child’s lungs and sometimes heart. A child can be on the Cardiohelp unit for several days to a few weeks, giving his or her body time to rest and recover. Once the heart or the lungs have mended and can function properly on its own, the child is removed from the equipment. WILCOX MEDICAL CENTER: Upgraded TVs for Infusion Center At Wilcox, donations are helping to pay for upgraded swing-arm televisions for the infusion center chairs. During treatments, some patients have to stay for four to eight hours every day. TVs provide some distraction and comfort. It will help to create a safe, emotionally and physically comforting space, which can play a central role in the healing process. STRAUB MEDICAL CENTER : Recovery Recliners Thanks to your generous donations, Straub was able to purchase 12 Hill-Rom recliners for patients recovering from joint replacement surgery for $23,508. The specialized seating allows patients to rest comfortably and helps their bodies to recover without compromising the surgical work that was just performed. 1