Inspire Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 15

AGE HASN’T SLOWED EDITH PREUETT’S SPIRIT. AT 86, EDITH IS JUST AS ADVENTUROUS AS SHE WAS AS A SINGLE GIRL SHORTLY AFTER WORLD WAR II. ONE DAY SHE MET A YOUNG IRISHMAN NAMED ROBERT. ROBERT PROPOSED AFTER A WEEK. THEY WERE MARRIED FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS. investing IN RETIREMENT Edith’s infectious enthusiasm for life is just part of her personality. She also has a sharp business mind. She ran two successful spas which included beauty schools. So when Edith received a charitable gift annuity postcard from Straub Foundation in 2011, her financial instincts kicked in. She thought it was a great use for her money. “Growing up in a large family, we were always taught to share,” Edith said. “By taking out this annuity, I have the opportunity to share with others in a very basic way. I give money and get some back for the rest of my life. I’ve never regretted my decision and I tell all my friends to look into them and give to their favorite charity.” How you can sleep tight knowing your money will never run out? If you are worried about cash flow once you retire, a charitable gift annuity might provide a welcome and reassuring rainy day fund. Charitable gift annuities are a very flexible way to make charitable donations that provide you or your spouse with income for life. They are easy to create and can be funded with gifts of $10,000 or more. 100 percent of your gift stays right here, supporting exceptional medical care for the people of Hawai‘i. What are the Benefits? A charitable gift annuity offers benefits that are very attractive to seniors. Annuities often work best for individuals or couples who are 65 or older. • Provides an appealing alternative to CDs • Guarantees monthly income • Part of your income may be tax-free • Payments are fixed and will never change • Charitable tax deductions for a portion of your gift Find out what you qualify for today! If you are 65 or older, call 808-535-7134. 13