Inspire Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 11

Kapi‘olani’s team launched the largest capital campaign in its history to make the Diamond Head Tower a reality. The tower is the first new hospital facility built for Kapi‘olani since the medical center opened on Punahou Street in 1978. The community response was wonderful. One hundred and fifty spaces and rooms are HAWAI‘I’S LARGEST LOCAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GIFTS $1 MILLION named after the community leaders, Hawai‘i’s doctors, staff and future phsycians now have a new place to businesses, physicians and employees learn thanks to a generous donor. Nan, Inc. presented $1 million to who generously donated. Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children for its new auditorium. The Diamond Head Tower made an impact on care the moment the first patient walked through its doors. By the end of the year, all of the new department areas will have transitioned to the new space. The final department to move will be the neonatal intensive care unit as transferring each premature baby will require the assistance of entire medical teams. "Kapi‘olani is a special place for our family as all of our daughters were born here,” said Nan Chul Shin, founder of Nan, Inc., Hawai‘i’s largest locally owned general contractor. “We are honored to give back to the hospital that cared for our children as well as many of our employees’ children.” The 1,600-square-foot Nan, Inc. Auditorium will be a state-of-the-art venue, and the cornerstone of the new building’s conference center. The auditorium and additional meeting rooms, will further Kapi‘olani’s medical education and academic research efforts by providing more space for classes and training programs. Nan started the company in 1990, with just one laborer. He was a young entrepreneur with the modest dream of a chance to contribute to Despite the incredible accomplish- Hawai‘i’s future. In living out his dreams, the father of three says “This ments of phase ۙK\x&[HX[]]Y]ܚ][H[X[]]HH\X[\ۛY[܈YX][‚[][ۈZ\Y\H^\]]Zx&Zx&\]\H\XX[[\X[\HݚY\[[\H\[]XܚHۙK\Hۈ\H܈\[[&\[['B'H[\H]ۈ\܈H^L MHYX\8'HZYY8'\H\B\\X\][\]Z\H[\\˜۝X][ۜ[ܙ\]H]\B\\Y[[\][H[\\Y[ݘ][ۈ܈[ܙHXK\\[H][X[XZ[[›وH][\H]\HوX[\H[]Zx&K[H[Hو\˜[][]H\HHX\ۈ]\\K'BH[[HZ[[]\x&[B\X[H[[\Y [[\ۜX[ۈ܈\H[B^\][[\ZYۋH[Z\[‚HSSˈUQUԒUSHPUTT΂( MX]‚YY܈\]X\H\H[( XKLLYY[[\^HXYH\وH[Y\X[ܘYHܙY[‚Z[]\Z[Y\[\‚(\[[]]\[X[XH\]HY]HX][\XB۝[YH[[^H\Yۈ[˂(XܙY[]H][HX[܈\[\[܈]™\XHۈوZ\\[][ۜ¸(Y][H[[Y\[\ZXܛۙ\[H[\HX[[[\XH[܈\\YY[H\[][ۜ‚B