Inspire Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 6

2016 EMPLOYEE GIVING CAMPAIGN IN 2016, THE HAWAI`I PACIFIC HEALTH TEAM WAS INSPIRED “What is inspiring TO GIVE MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. HPH’S EMPLOYEE GIVING to all of us is the CAMPAIGN (EGC) RAISED A RECORD $944,900. THE MONEY WAS RAISED OVER A ONE-MONTH PERIOD THROUGH PERSONAL GIFTS AND PLEDGES BY 3,885 STAFF MEMBERS. The majority of the EGC donations will Giving Campaign demonstrate that,” benefit patient emergency assistance said Gail Lerch, executive vice president funds at the four medical centers. These for human resources and organizational funds support many unreimbursed services effectiveness. “What is inspiring to as well as medication, medical equipment, all of us is the personal choice our transportation and necessities for healing employees made to get involved and give that further Hawai`i Pacific Health’s mission back. Participation in this campaign is to create a healthier Hawai`i. completely voluntary. We are so proud to “Our employees care deeply about their patients and the results of this Employee 6 work alongside such generous employees from senior leadership to housekeeping.” personal choice our employees made to get involved and give back.” - Gail Lerch