Inspire Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 22

A CONTINUUM OF CARE FOR BRAIN INJURY PATIENTS Every year, thousands of children suffer traumatic brain injuries in Hawai`i. A significant number of them are treated at Kapi`olani Medical Center for Women & Children. Now, thanks to generous funding from HMSA Foundation, Kapi`olani's Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) program can provide even more comprehensive care. HMSA's $47,850 grant went to training more than 60 staff members about best practices and better coordination of care, purchasing new equipment and testing material, and specialized training for post-concussion and non-traumatic brain injury patients. Now, concerned parents can be assured that their children are receiving the best care possible, and there is no need to seek treatment outside of Hawai`i. “This child, who will remain anonymous, exemplified how all of our comprehensive services impacted his recovery,” said LaFountaine. “The treatment plan included physiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapists, a social worker, child life specialists, an educational liaison and nursing. His serious injuries were sustained in January of 2016, initially requiring intensive care, followed by a minimum of three hours of inpatient rehabilitation daily for more than two months, and then a course of outpatient services. It is humbling to see a child with a devastating condition eventually go back to living an active, typical life.” “This grant truly gives us the opportunity to help our patients succeed and reach their full potential with individualized, progressive treatment plans,” said Susan LaFountaine, director of Kapi`olani Rehabilitation Services. “HMSA’s support of Kapi`olani’s Traumatic Brain Injury program allowed us to implement further education and gave us the ability to bring all of these experts and resources together in a meaningful way.” Traumatic brain injuries occur when impact to the head or body causes the brain to be injured inside the skull. Many are mild, involving disruption in normal functioning or a brief concussion. A more severe injury involves an extended loss of consciousness or coma when recovery can be lengthy. That was the case for an 8-year-old boy seriously hurt when the car he was riding in rolled over and crashed last January. Kapi`olani’s TBI team was able to help him recover and return to life as a typical third grader. Ms. Abelina Madrid Shaw Mr. Nan Chul Shin Dr. & Mrs. Lance K. Shirai Carrie Shiraki-Sakaino, PhD Dr. & Mrs. Calvin Sia Mr. & Mrs. Richard H.P. Sia Mr. Carlos Siuho Sofos Realty Corporation SSFM International Inc Mr. & Mrs. David E. Stumbaugh Mr. Kelly Sueda and Dr. Alexandra Sueda Mr. David W. Sugawa Mr. Christopher J. Swoish Mr. Charles Sykes Mr. Clyde Takatsuki Ikuto Taketa Ms. Karen K. Tao Ms. Pamela S. Tauchi-Nishi The A&R Donn Gifting Fund The Allstate Foundation The Fine Art Associates The Miss America Organization The Tenant Improvement Team, Inc. DBA MKC Ms. Laura L. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Kyle K. Tokushige Tomco Corp. Claire Tong Hidehito Uki United Ruff Ryders of Hawaii 22 Unitek Contracting Group Steve and Liz Uyehara Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Vara, Jr. Noriko Vo Mr. Layne H. Wada Waipahu Intermediate School Walgreens - Kailua Walgreens - Kaneohe Walmart - Kailua Kona Ms. Diane J. Watabayashi Mrs. Julie T. Watumull Wesley J. Sugai, MD, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Weston White House Black Market - Ala Moana Ms. Shelley Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wo Ms. Brenda D. Wong Mr. Elton Wong Jeffrey A. Wong, MD Robert Wong Sally & Allen Wooddell Yajima Service Station Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Yamakawa Mr. Andrew T. Yamamoto Yamamoto Caliboso LLLC Kara Yamamoto, MD Ms. Pearl Yamanouchi Akiko Yazawa, MD Cherilyn F. Yee, MD Dr. & Mrs. Eric K. S. Yee The training that was made possible by the grant has also established Kapi`olani as a statewide model for pediatric brain injury. The medical center shares the best practices and protocols with other facilities in Hawai`i. The information has positively affected over 200 keiki who were being treated for mild to serious concussions, and continues to impact as many as 10 traumatic brain injury patients each week. These numbers show a clear need for comprehensive TBI care for Hawai`i’s children. Kapi`olani is dedicated to sustaining this program and is prepared to expand.  Ms. Patricia A. Yee Mr. Len Yonemura Mr. Kaulana Young Geri Q. L. Young, MD & Robert J. Teichman, MD Mr. Michael Zerbs $500 - $999 Anonymous Ms. Rosemary Ah Yuen Ms. Charldyn H. Aina Mr. and Mrs. Jock K. Aipoalani Ms. Gwen A. Akimoto Alakona Corp. Alapai Builders Albor Hawaii LLC Devin Alford & M'Liss Moore Ms. Carol-Ann Y. H. Antoku Mr. and Mrs. Earl K. Asato Ashford & Wriston LLP Associated Accountants LLC Janice Babin Mr. Miles Baidack Ms. Teresa A. Ballesteros Mr. Jeffrey D. Bartlett Ms. Jephunee M. Bermudez Ms. Kathleen Bisano-McGarvey Mr. Mark D. Bratton Ms. Laarnie Ann Buccat Mr. and Mrs. John Cambareri Johnny & Michelle Cantillo Ms. Pamela V. Carey-Goo Ms. Judith G. Caro Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Carson Dr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Chassin Chevron - Beretainia Chevron - Hilo Chevron - Kapolei Chevron - Valkenburgh Ms. Connie O. L. Ching Ms. Claire C. Chong Ms. Kolea F. Chong Mrs. Pamela A. Christopher-Saito Ms. Marva J. Chun Dr. and Mrs. Steven Chun Lehua Chung Ms. Rona A. Chung Civil-Mechanical Contractor Ms. Ramona L. Clemente Clif Bar Family Foundation Commercial Sheetmetal Co., Inc. Marie Couture Mr. Gilbert G. Coville Ms. Raquel H. Craven Mr. Robert Creps CU Pacific Audit Solutions, LLC Mr. Kalani Cuaresma Dairy Queen - Ala Moana Center Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. DeLuca Robyn & Dan Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doran Mr. Pete Dupuis Ms. Daniza M. O. Duquez Ms. Marsha L. Durbin Egan's Training Center Mr. David K. Egeland Mr. Robert Eggleston Euram Inc Mr. Micah B. Ewing Ms. Maria Felix-Neal Andrew Feng, MD First American Title Company, Inc. First Hawaii Title Corporation First Hawaiian Bank - OSD Hawaii Item Processing Center First Insurance Company of Hawaii Charitable Foundation Jenifer C. Fong, MD Mr. Robert A. Forst Mrs. Joan Franzel Ms. Laura L. Fujimoto Bob and Carolyn Fujioka Carol A. Fujiyoshi, MD Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Gallagher Ms. Dianna E. Geck Ms. Linda A. Gee Beil Genba Hawaii, Inc. Mr. Richard G. Giardina Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Goldsmith Ms. Pamela C. Gomes Ms. Elizab ] ܘZ[\