Inspire Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 14

Lifesaving TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGY JOHN AND CINDY GLANCY WERE HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS FROM PENNSYLVANIA, WHO SETTLED IN CALIFORNIA. WHEN THEY FIRST VISITED a critical component. The Glancys know what’s involved in transporting patients by ambulance from the North Shore to Wilcox. KAUA`I IN 1982, THEY FELL IN LOVE WITH THE ISLAND’S NORTH SHORE, AND That’s what inspired them to give. ULTIMATELY PURCHASED A CONDO IN PRINCEVILLE IN 2001. IT BECAME The Glancys generously donated $30,000 THEIR SECOND HOME AND THE GLANCYS BECAME HEAVILY INVOLVED WITH to purchase an item off the Wilcox LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES. AS THEY SPENT MORE TIME IN program called LIFENET® System. This A KEY ROLE WILCOX Department’s wish list, a web-based program allows emergency THE COMMUNITY, THEY REALIZED WHAT Emergency Wilcox is designated as a Level III Trauma medical services (EMS) on the scene to Center transmit vital heart readings to the Wilcox and its comprehensive 24/7 M QPSSTVQQSH[Y\[H\X\XZH]HYYX[X[HYܙHH]Y[\]\˂STHшUPXHSRSQTˈ[\\Y[[Hۈ܈[[YYX]H8'[܈\XKH[YY[B\K[]\Y\ LH[Y\[HۈH\[YYX&\ۈ[H\ܝ \]XXYX\[[ܙH[ X\[YۈH[][وXX][XHX]][ۜY][Y\[H\ۋ8'HZY][^\XX[Y\\\Y[ ق[ܝ][ۈ\X\\B[8&\‘[Y\[B\\Y[ 'H]H]XۙY[H[[ Y\Y[[\ݙH]Y[H[H[B]Y\[H\H[܈]8'BM