Inspirational English, Issue 40, 2017 Inspirational English, Issue 40, Sep Oct2017 - Page 5

Continued from previous page When the twelfth bell tolled her face filled with the broadest smile and she opened her arms and walked towards me, rested her right hand on my left shoulder, took my right hand then smiled and nodded at the two other couples in the room who were now in a similar pose. Suddenly the radio exploded with the Blue Danube Waltz by Johan Strauss and I was swept around the room, laughing uncontrollably and cleverly avoiding any collision with the other two couples … the feeling of joy was quite extraordinary. I would fly off to Salzburg and search for a group of like-minded people who love to dance, especially to the music of Johan Strauss, and fill my final day unprecedented joy. We sit when we do so many things in our lives, eating, driving, watching television, at the computer, the list is endless, and dancing is a very real tonic for your body and your soul. Peter Taylor Columnist, song-writer and playwright 5