Inspirational English, Issue 40, 2017 Inspirational English, Issue 40, Sep Oct2017 - Page 36

Chapter 10 Hi everyone, Did you figure out what we will be seeing? Not yet? Yes, it was a hard question. We are heading off to the High Street to see the famous Lion Dance. Approaching the city centre, we can hear some traditional Chinese music being played. Wow, it is very crowded! We try to go at the front to get a better view and take some photos. A pair of lions, each held by two strong men, are dancing in the middle and occasionally fight against each other. “Frank, their dance reminds me of a martial art.” Russie says. “Oh, that’s because the dance has evolved from Kung Fu,” I explain. Did you know? According to the Chinese folklore, there was a monster in the early Ming Dynasty which was harming people in Guangdong's Foshan City. Later, the people decided to make a paper lion with a single horn on its head. The dance was accompanied by music being played on drums, gongs, and cymbals. People would let off firecrackers to scare away the monster. From then on, the lion with a single horn became the mascot against evil spirits. Suddenly we hear a loud bang. It turns out that someone has let off some firecrack- ers… I can overhear children screaming, obviously scared by the loud noise. I see Russie is taking some notes. “What are you writing, teacher?” I ask curiously. “Oh, I want to write about this fascinating tradition in the e-zine, Frank.” Russie tells me. “I am impressed by the richness of the lion’s expression, its unique footwork, and the vigorous drumming style.” “Russie, can you see the lions are swivel- ling their eyes? They look so real, don’t they?” “It is marvellous, Frank. Did you spot the tiny bells attached to the lion’s tail? They accompany the music created by the drums, cymbals, and gongs. Soon the dance finishes and we take a taxi to get to our hotel. Tomorrow will be an- other busy day for us because we are go- ing to White Cloud Mountain. But before we hit the hay, we do some research about the mountain. It turns out that it got its name from the wreath of airy circles of clouds after a spring rain. It is supposed to be a fantastic place to relax. Of course, I am aware that I need to pre- pare for our hiking outing so before I go to bed, I take out my walking boots, a rain- coat and a torch. I know that Russie has got some sandwiches so I think we are pre- 36