Inspirational English, Issue 40, 2017 Inspirational English, Issue 40, Sep Oct2017 - Page 31

Create a chain story Before the lesson put up some summer pictures on the wall. The activity works best if the number of pictures corresponds to the number of students. When the lesson starts play a piece of music and ask the pupils to walk around. I would choose soothing music such as “the sound of waves, seagulls…” to put everybody into the mood. Stop the music in a couple of minutes and each student needs to stand by the closest picture. Then they create a chain story using the pictures. You could start with the student who’s closest to the door, for instance. Let’s hunt This activity is suitable for young learners. Bring some summer items, such as goggles, a swimming costume or suntan lotion and before the lesson hide them in the classroom. If the weather is nice and you are allowed to take the students outside, don’t miss the chance to play the game in fresh air. At the beginning of the class inform your students that you’ve hidden a certain number of summer items. Set a time limit and let them hunt. Once all the items are found, ask the students to explain what they are used for. Optionally, divide the learners into groups and ask them to write a short summer poem using at least three of the objects. My name is … and I like This is an activity that I came across on Jackie Bolen’s website He uses it as an Icebreaker but it works fine with any new group of young learners. Sit in a circle and begin the activity by saying: My name is … and I like… The student next to you repeats your sentence and adds their own. The activity continues until it gets back to you and you have to repeat all the children’s names and what they like. Good luck! Once I had to teach a big group of Japanese students whose names sounded so similar and also didn’t show me any gender-indication… Anyway, it took me ages to remember their names but now I know that Sakura is not only a beautiful female name but also means “cherry blossoms”. Believe it or not, two months later I was given a new group of Arabic students and … you could guess the rest. Have you ever had any problems trying to remember your students’ names? Let’s create If you have a new group of students why don’t you go the extra mile and introduce yourself by creating a short video beforehand. I love using and you can design wonderful short videos by uploading your own photos. Of course, you could write a caption as well. After you show your video to the students, ask them to use their mobile phones to create their own video to introduce themselves. 31