Inspirational English, Issue 40, 2017 Inspirational English, Issue 40, Sep Oct2017 - Page 17

Grasshopperboy He turned around and whirled until he saw the cottage under the beaming moon, among the trees. He pushed the door open and burst in. “Deplorable Dinky!” exploded a voice. The boy wanted to wince but no force was left in him to startle or shake his body. The hunchback was there, inside the cottage. He was gleaming. Nothing, for the moment, could stun the kid. He would have asked the man how he had appeared here but he didn’t. The experience he had gone through made him cold, irritated and bereft of curiosity. The hunchback stood up, moved toward the boy and flung his arm around him. He pulled him to the mirror. The boy watched himself. He was all wet, dripping and muddy. His feet were bare even the socks had disappeared, or it seemed so. They stood side by side as old friends or acquaintances might have done. They looked composed and serene. The boy smiled at the funny reflection. “Come have a warm shower.” said the man in a hushed voice. He led him into the bathroom. “Look!” added he, “You’ve got over there different kinds of soap in different colours. Use the one you like. Make quick you’re going to catch a cold.” He left him. Meet the author is a senior teacher of English in the Area of El Kef, Tunisia. He teaches English as a foreign languge for secondary school students-15 - 20 years old. Check out my interview with Ezzeddine on page 7. 17