Insights Magazine Volume IX - Page 7

Learn the key focus areas for selling a company at BBBS-sell and investment banking firms deemed to be the best fit for the seller to select for his transaction team. Tax professionals worked closely with the selected firms to set up an optimal tax structure for the transaction. Transaction professionals performed a quality of earnings review to support the valuation that the business owner’s investment banker was marketing to the private equity firm and then played a key role in coordinating with the private equity firm’s external due diligence team. the deal could have eroded or the seller could have settled for a lesser amount. Upfront preparation and planning laid the groundwork for a successful outcome. As seen in the St. Louis Business Journal online edition When coupled with a sound business valuation, a quality of earnings report can add credibility to a marketing report prepared by an investment banker. The professionals all worked together to develop the op timum negotiation strategy for calculating working capital and getting the deal closed for the maximum value. 4. Time kills deals Several times during this process the owner contemplated calling off the sale as the due diligence from the buyer intensified and difficulties with the negotiation process caused doubt about the final offer to be delivered. Without ample planning and sell-side due diligence on the front end, Bryan Graiff CPA/CGMA, CVA, CFE, CM&AA Partner in Charge, Transaction Advisory and Litigation Support Services Brown Smith Wallace 314.983.1390 5