Insights Magazine Volume IX - Page 22

ERP Software 5 Reasons Implementations Fail — And What You Can Do About It Henry Struckel Implementing a new ERP system is among one of the most expensive and time consuming tasks a company can take on. To ensure that the value of a new ERP system is achieved, avoid these five common reasons that ERP software implementations fail: 1. Lack of planning — unclear vision, goals and approach. 2. Lack of resources dedicated to the project (staff time, user involvement, project management). 3. Lack of executive support and commitment. 4. Fear of change. 5. Fear of technology. Here are some tips on how to overcome these hurdles. 20 Establish an Effective Implementation Team A deficit of staff, time, user involvement, project management and IT support makes it hard to ever get an implementation off the ground. While it is understandable that there could be a shortage of knowledgeable resources that can be dedicated to the project, it is crucial to establish an effective implementation team. The leader of the team should be the project champion – the overall project director who is skilled and knowledgeable, is a respected leader and has a firm belief in the importance of the project. You should also appoint team representatives from each department area. These project co-champions should have a detailed understanding of their department’s day-to-day activities.