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AND HERE WE GROW AGAIN! Foodmate continues its expansion, adding another 30,000 sf to its headquarters in the U.S., and the brand new 130,000 sf headquarters in Holland, is now open! Innovation and Growth, that's what Foodmate stands for! In February 2017, Foodmate US headquarters moved to new and much larger facility located at 221 Turner Blvd., Ball Ground, Foodmate has experienced an exponential growth, which ultimately resulted in the necessity to move. "We could not find anything suitable to our needs Georgia. The 50,000 sf. building houses a 5,000 sf demo room and training facility, the Foodmate Inspirience Center, where the within the existing buildings in the Hoeksche Waard area, but we did discover a good construction site in Numansdorp, and so the decision to build Foodmate Academy classes will be held. seemed a logical one.", stated David Hazenbroek, Owner of Foodmate B.V. " The fact that the site we selected was located next to where my father’s former company was located many years ago, was a nice touch and with that our decision was made", added David. FOODDMATE US EXPANSION In 2018, we already were in need of an expansion. So we are currently adding another 30,000 sf., which will house a larger storage and warehousing facilities. FORWARD IS THE WAY! In July 2017, the construction of the new building started in Numansdorp and at the end of June 2018 Foodmate moved in. The new building is constructed on a 250,000 sf lot, the building is approximately 130,000 sf. The ultra-modern building houses the Foodmate manufacturing, R&D, and the innovation center and showroom are also being set up at the facility. Foodmate's new headquarters is surely an impressive piece of architecture, but it is also our home, only with much more room to accommodate our expanding family! We have currently about 220 employees, about 140 in the Netherlands, 60 in the US. and the reamaining in other countries such as Brazil, Poland and the U.K. "We sell our machines in all corners of the world. We would not succeed without our pioneering spirit. One of our initial great successes was the OPTI Thigh Deboner. Following current consumer trends, we anticipate an even higher increase of thigh meat popularity, hence our new developments, such as the new OPTI Thigh Deboner with KCS, and the new line of intelligent deboners, the ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboner and the brand new OPTiX Thigh Deboner. We envision our growth and our new headquarters is a materialization of our vision.” Foodmate Acquires Controlling Interest in Computerway Business Solutions Ltd. David Hazenbroek, President and Founder, Foodmate B.V. BALL GROUND, Ga. (Jan. 30, 2019) – Foodmate, an Foodmate’s dedication to innovation, research, and This acquisition allows for significant investment both international poultry processing systems supplier, has development coupled with Computerway Business in the existing product portfolio including ChickSort, announced that it has acquired a controlling interest in Solutions’ proven track record in producing customer- TraySort, and DMS Lite and in the research and Computerway Business Solutions Ltd. focused software solutions has strengthened both development of new software, weighing, vision and companies. This logical progression to an even closer x-ray solutions. FOODDMATE IN THE NEWS Computerway Business Solutions Ltd., the supplier of ChickSort Poultry, Weighing, Grading, and Sorting systems, has operated alongside Foodmate for the last PAGE 4 working relationship will allow both companies to realize their long-term goals of growth and innovation. The companies see Foodmate UK’s role becoming the software development arm of the Foodmate group of six years. The partnership saw Foodmate’s worldwide Computerway Business Solutions Ltd will continue to companies, providing a suite of software and control sales of Cut-up Systems grow at an unprecedented rate trade from the UK with the existing management and solutions that will allow Foodmate to position itself because of its innovative approach and rapid delivery staff under the new company name Foodmate UK Ltd. of radical new solutions to the market. even more strongly to offer solutions throughout the PAGE entire processing plant. 5