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SUCCESS STORY WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING CUSTOMER B.V. Esbro · Wehl, Netherlands FOODMATE EQUIPMENT ULTIMATE (1) and Thigh Deboning System (1) OBJECTIVES AND RESULTS Esbro is one of the most modern, advanced poultry processing plants in Western HOW DO YOU COACH YOUR SERVICE TEAM? When I became Service Manager, the service team consisted of 5 technicians. Currently we have 23 technicians on staff. WHAT KIND OF SERVICE ASSISTANCE DO YOU PROVIDE? WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL FOR YOUR DEPARTMENT? During regular business hours, our office staff handles regular service requests and parts orders. After hours and on weekends, we provide an on-call number and depending on the need (parts or service) the call is routed to the appropriate person that can further assist the caller. The most important goal for my department is to contribute to our customer’s success and build relationships by providing unmatched service and solutions using teamwork and communication. HOW DO YOU HANDLE AN EMERGENCY SITUATION AT A PLANT? In an emergency situation, we try to get as much information as possible from the customer as to what caused the emergency. That way we can dispatch the right talent, supply the right parts and provide the required level of technical support to get the issues resolved as quickly as possible . IS THERE A “MOST COMMON” ISSUE TO CUSTOMERS, IF SO, COULD IT HAVE BEEN PREVENTED? Most Foodmate equipment operates on very simple mechanical principals coupled with semi-advanced electrical controls. It seems that most equipment performance issues are resolved with minor adjustments, replacement of consumable parts and making sure the blades are sharp. WHAT IS THE HARDEST CHALLENGE WORKING IN YOUR POSITION? The hardest challenge I constantly face is managing a fluid service schedule. Due to the customers’ processing needs, sometimes last-minute creative scheduling is required. That involves modifying travel arrangements, logistical opportunities and personnel changes to make sure we are meeting the needs of our customer base . HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT FOODMATE HAVING THE HIGHEST RATED CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM BY MOST PLANTS IN THE INDUSTRY? German PHW Group, in Germany better known as Wiesenhof. The PHW Group is a group of innovative companies that belong to the leading players in the f ield of food, health, and agriculture. Esbro has a f irm hold on the Dutch retail industry and is growing in this f ield. “A couple of years ago we hardly served the I try to put myself in their position…..if I was the person calling Foodmate for service or support what would I expect from Foodmate? Then we attempt to work with the customer to ensure a positive outcome for both parties. If the customer is not happy, then we haven’t done our job very well. How well are they trained? I try to coach by example and encourage the team to use every day and every situation as a learning opportunity. We train mostly by OTJ experience and exposure to the equipment. We also utilize our Inspirience Center at FMUS HQ to provide training on newly introduced equipment or to “bone-up” on existing equipment. WHAT IS THE SIZE OF YOUR TEAM? Europe. The current plant is only a few years old. Nowadays Esbro is part of the HOW DO YOU HANDLE A DIFFICULT CUSTOMER SITUATION? MEET JOHN John has been the Service Manager for Foodmate US since Sept 2014. Before his promotion to the service management position, he worked as a Senior Service Technician. John is not only an asset to the Foodmate US team, but also to many of our customers who come to work directly with him. One thing not many know, John has a natural on- stage talent and a fantastic sense of humor! John, let’s talk! retail industry,” says Mr. Edward Windhorst (CEO). “By providing excellent service, quality, innovation and flexibility we became a solid player in this f ield.” Over the last two years, Esbro invested a lot in upscaling and upgrading their dark meat process. Foodmate became the preferred partner in automatizing this process. Foodmate and Esbro initiated the strong partnership when Esbro chose the OPTI Thigh Deboning System to support their increasing demand for boneless thigh meat. Most recently, Foodmate installed an ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboning system at Esbro. “Until a couple of years ago, the focus on deboning was only on breast meat,” says Jan Legters (Plant Manager); “but over the recent years, the Dutch retail and consumers started to appreciate boneless dark meat products. For us, deboning thigh and leg meat became signif icantly important and opened a lot of new markets and opportunities”; continued Jan. We are also thrilled to work with Foodmate. We believe that the level of service, commitment and innovation is unique. Although we also have good partnerships with other machine suppliers, there is for sure, a level of added value that Foodmate brings to the table.” I feel very proud of that statement. I think that Foodmate is very fortunate to employ a group of people that are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. Not long after I became Service Manager, I was faced with a difficult situation with a customer and I asked Scott Hazenbroek (President and Founder of Foodmate US) for advice. His answer: “What is the right thing to do?” I have always tried to take heed of that advice in my day-to-day activities of managing the best service team in the industry. The AIP is a dedicated program which ensures equipment is kept in its best operating condition. By taking advantage of this program, a plant will ultimately see improvement in production, quality and ultimately more consistent yield. LET US “ONTZORG” YOU! “Ontzorgen” is the Dutch term we use to describe our AIP program. So, what does Ontzorgen mean? Quite literally it means “ to Unburden”. The ability to “unburden” the plant and protect your investment is our goal. The ability to “unburden” the plant comes with many benefits: PAGE 22 · Continuous and iterative training · Predetermined schedule for all visits · All labor necessary for rebuilds is provided · Operational excellence in yield, throughput, and quality · Monthly visits by a dedicated Customer Asset Manager (CAM) · All rebuild kits are maintained and stocked at Foodmate till just prior to the scheduled rebuild From left: Jan Legters (Plant Manager) and Edward Windhorst (CEO), B.V. Esbro. PAGE 23