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CUSTOMER OBJECTIVES Gerber Poultry processes and packages chicken products for retail distribution across the Midwestern United States under the Gerber Amish Farms Chicken label. To meet increasing demand, off icials at the company’s processing plant in Kidron, Ohio, planned to enhance and optimize their tray-sealing line. Key to the project’s success was the ability to correctly sort tray packs to different wrapping machines, depending on their product. Gerber Poultry had several goals for the tray-pack sealing area upgrade, including: 9 9 Limit labor needs in the area 9 9 Reduce product waste from damage or errors (e.g.,wrapping the wrong product) 9 9 Enable higher throughputs of up to 150–187 trays per minute (depending on tray size) with 99.9% system accuracy 9 9 Safeguard product quality by ensuring gentle handling and no cross-contamination FOODMATE ND INTRALOX COLLABORATION PACKING AND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS To achieve their goals, plant off icials determined they would need an automated, multilane tray- pack sorting solution that integrated a camera-based product recognition system. The plant's cut-up system consisted of the Foodmate OPTI Flow Cut-up System drip line out of the chiller to a weight transfer system to distribution line with vision grading. Three (3) buffer transfer machines to three (3) EFFICIENT FINAL PRODUCT TRAY WRAPPING retail f rame cut up lines, multiple WOG drops and one 8/9 piece cut-up line. Gerber Poultry opted for an Intralox® Active Integrated Motion™ (AIM™) Multilane Sorter combined THE STRENGTH OF FOODMATE AND INTRALOX COMBINED INTO ONE SOLUTION: TRAYSORT TraySort was developed by Foodmate and Intralox to facilitate and improve our customers’ final distribution goals in packaged chicken and meat products. The newly developed TRAYSORT grading, packing and distribution system aims to improve labor management, reduce packaging waste and TRAYSORT CONTROL&DISTRIBUTION through logical conveyor layout. Foodmate and Intralox’s goal is to ultimately create a highly efficient environment for each plant, executing the best in automation capability in cut-up, production and distribution. TRAYSORT The AIM Multilane Sorter ensures increased tray-pack throughput with faster line speeds, reduced product damage, and reduced downtime. Washdown capable, the automated AIM system provides gentle product handling at high speeds, eliminating the need for manual workers to sort, restyle, or reorient trays. Labor expenses are eliminated, as are the cross-contamination risks associated with manual tray handling. Using advanced camera and lighting technologies, the InVISION Camera Grading System recognizes and grades tray-packs according to specif ied production requirements and determines their distribution (or other actions). It then communicates the distribution or action to the sorter—all without the need for labels, barcodes, or additional processes. The combined solution, the Foodmate offers touch-screen automated pre-programmed product recognition criteria such as: 9 9 Tray size 9 9 Tray color 9 9 Product type 9 9 Product quantity 9 9 Orientation on belt 9 9 Tray gap detection 9 9 Foreign Object Detection TRAYSORT Packing System - optimizes the capabilities of both components into an uncompromised, fully automated system. RESULTS It was a true collaboration f rom Gerber Poultry, Foomdate and Intralox to support Gerber Poultry safeguard product quality and food safety, minimize waste, and achieve its desired throughput targets. Most signif icantly, Gerber Poultry has eliminated labor needs in the area by four full-time equivalent (FTE) positions, thereby saving upwards of $280,000 per year. The company plans to include additional AIM conveyors in later phases of its project. 9 9 Product Overhang Detection and vision technology and Intralox’s vast experience in maximizing product handling requirements available commercially as the Foodmate TRAYSORTPacking System. increase throughput. The partnership brings together Foodmate’s innovative and efficient cut-up line with an InVISION Camera Grading System f rom Foodmate. The combined AIM/InVISION system is TRAYSORT offers: 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Consulting Increased productivity Automated product recognition Improved product handling and optimal presentation Touch-screen automated product recognition criteria 9 9 The correct product is directed to the correct wrapping machine again saving on packaging costs and labor. How TRAYSORT increases your productivity PAGE 20 99.4% 99.9% Vision system performance System Accuracy 9 9 Badly packaged product is rejected before wrapping, saving on packaging costs and labor. 9 9 The system can work with tray gaps as small as 6” thus increasing throughput 9 9 TRAYSORT Safeguards product quality by ensuring gentle handling and no cross- contamination. The Active Integrated Motion Multi Lane Sorter from Intralox is fast, gentle and accurate, resulting in stable product in the tray allowing for optimal presentation. Utilising inVISION Camera Grading System from Foodmate, the system can recognise and sort products according to customer requirements. $280,000 Approximate Annual Savings 99.9% System Accuracy PAGE 21