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SUCCESS STORY WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING FM STRATEGY From conception to execution, Foodmate used a team approach in close collaboration with the customer. Due to the size of the project, there were multiple integrators involved so it was very important to remain flexible in all stages of the project. This was a major investment for Gerber’s with a lot of new technology and several partners/integrators, so Foodmate CUSTOMER Engineering, Projects, and Service teams all worked collaboratively to Gerber Poultry · Kidron, Ohio minimize any potential gaps. FOODMATE EQUIPMENT RESULTS Poultry grading, distribution and OPTI Flow Cut-up System drip line out Gerber Poultry reported that all objectives and goals have been met. of the chiller to a weight transfer system to distribution line with vision Especially the improvement in product flow and reduction in double grading. Three (3) buffer transfer machines to three (3) retail f rame cut up handling. Gerber’s management is very pleased with the entire project lines, multiple WOG drops and one 8/9 piece cut up line. and would recommend Foodmate US to others in the industry. To allow for minimum downtime the project was installed during multiple phases SCOPE The scope of the project was to provide grading and cut-up for 220 birds per min out of the chiller. From the chiller, the birds are introduced to a distribution line where the birds are weighed and graded and then distributed to the appropriate WOG drops or cut up lines based on weight and grade. the system is functioning as promised and the investment is meeting all expectations. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION SOLUTIONS When we asked how was the interaction with Foodmate team members throughout the project, Gerber Poultry reported that communication and interaction were good before, during and after install. “The entire project POULTRY GRADING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY was very smooth. It started up with no downtime” stated Matt Shoup, OBJECTIVE The main goal was to increase production, improve product flow through the plant, reduce labor; increase A grade pack out and reduce double handling. and the project has evolved during each phase. But the end result is that VISION AND GRADING General Manager. “We chose Foodmate largely because of the type of company Foodmate US is - not so large that the customer doesn’t know who to call, with a flat organization, flexibility, and ability to respond to all service and parts needs immediately”, added Matt. Has Gerber Poultry noticed any improvement since installation? The plant eliminated 2nd shift Choice Department which was 9 employees – now on 2nd we run with 1 department 33 employees. Savings of around $243,360 but if you add back the 4 people on 1st shift to do wings we actually cut 5 positions $135,200 to bottom line. “As a company we are running more lines and have basically the same staff ing and putting more lbs through.“We almost doubled our production now through the cut-up lines. You have to consider the waiver also going f rom 140 to 175 has helped. This has made a difference with having product to run through the machines with 140 bpm, we were struggling to run them all before.” stated Becky Rhodes, Vice President Production/Operations. THE STRENGTH OF FOODMATE & CHICKSORT PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION CONTROL SOLUTIONS Foodmate and ChickSort are introducing a whole new generation of ChickSort Production Control, Grading and Distribution Solutions. ChickSort 3.0 is the most advanced user friendly, INVISION DETECTION PARAMETERS: graphics based grading and distribution software on the market today with seamless integration to Foodmate OPTI FLOW Cut-up Systems. ChickSort 3.0 allows processors achieve a high level of control and information without having to buy a complete new 9 9 Skin flaws/barking 9 9 Hock burn packing room. Systems can be integrated with any existing line equipment . 9 9 Single leg hang 9 9 Bile stain Utilizing a simple graphics based user interface ChickSort3.0 ensures that production control 9 9 Physical size 9 9 Bruises is placed firmly back in the hands of the user. ChickSort3.0 ensures that every part of every 9 9 Broken wings 9 9 Feathers bird is accounted for. Utilizing an advanced dashboard to display real time process status, 9 9 Missing parts 9 9 Organs 9 9 Hock length 9 9 Missing shackle detection management can see at a glance what is being produced where. By splitting process control into three distinct areas: whole bird; front half; and back half, ChickSort3.0 permits maximum process flexibility. New users will benefit greatly from ChickSort 3.0 ‘s advanced process From the left: David Coburn (National Account Manager, Foodmate) and Mike Gerber (Owner of Gerber Poultry). “Our production is much more streamlined, no WOGS are kept in inventory, no double handling, the Invision Camera Grading System has helped with getting more A-grade WOG selection and ultimately, fill customer orders. Without having to keep WOGs in inventory, yield and shelf life are immediately improved. The system layout was key in optimizing this product flow.” control capabilities. CHICKSORT 3.0 OPERATING SYSTEM Matt Shoup, General Manager Gerber Poultry · Kidron, Ohio 9 9 The advanced Dashboard 9 9 indicates at a glance: 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 CHICKSORT 3.0 DASHBOARD FOODMATE CUT-UP SYSTEMS PAGE 18 THE LINES JUST RUN! Current production Combined piece rate Total piece production Individual line histogram Total production histogram Grade performance graph 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Average bird weight Whole bird weight spread Individual line speeds Hanging efficiency Reference position Hanging efficiency per line and combined PAGE 19