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CUSTOMER Pilgrim’s ® / JBS OPTI THIGH DEBONER WITH KNEECAP SEPARATOR (KCS) FOODMATE EQUIPMENT Eighteen (18) OPTI Thigh Deboners with Kneecap Separator (KCS) will receive the upgrade SCOPE / FOODMATE STRATEGY Now existing and new customers can achieve an even The scope of this project was to upgrade every Foodmate OPTI Thigh Deboner faster Return on Investment with the recently developed with a Kneecap Separator (KCS) within the Pilgrims organization. Before installation of the KCS’s, each plant was visited to minimize or eradicate any Kneecap Separator (KCS). Since the official introduction potential issues during the install. Once the teams were comfortable with back- of the OPTI Thigh Deboner in 2011, Foodmate has end planning, it was decided to installation of the KCS units take place over the successfully installed over 200 machines worldwide. weekend, minimizing downtime. Customers in the US, Canada, Korea, Australia, France, OBJECTIVE Poland, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and several other countries To reduce staff ing at the trim table and improve yields by reducing over are profiting from significant yield improvements and trimming. Many plants that operate the Foodmate OPTI thigh deboners require labor savings as well as seeing improved thigh meat on average 6-8 trimmers to remove the cartilage (kneecap) left on the meat after quality and increased shelf life. deboning and (depending on the trim spec) remove excess fat and potential 100 THIGHS PER MINUTE trimming which can create signif icant yield losses. bone. One of the inherent problems caused by this manual process is over trimmers they hoped to improve workers' health through reduction of highly repetitive motions. OPTIMAL YIELDS. DELIVERED. WORLDWIDE. RESULTS “With the installation of the KCS we have been able to reduce the number of 100 THIGHS PER MINUTE trimmers and the amount of trim generated, thus increasing yield. The KCS is a great addition to a new OPTI Thigh Deboner or to an existing machine in the The KCS unit can be installed on existing machines or it can be f ield. The investment is quickly justif ied for a quick ROI”, stated Chris Knight, has been developed to address problems commonly found in both integrated into a new machine; it is located underneath the meat Director of Engineering Services, Pilgrim’s Corporate. manual and automated thigh deboning operations. The innovative scrapers and is cam and gear operated. Each meat scraper has a “The project is still in progress, and communication at multi-levels with scraper design and tendon cutting system give the meat a hand-cut circular blade that comes from underneath the thigh bone to cut the Foodmate has been very interactive. We have had no issues during installations; appearance without shattering the bones. Adding the automated tendons around the knee joint. After the tendons are cut, the meat so far f ive plants are completed including Cold Springs. Although it is still a work KCS does not impact meat quality and yields are very similar or scraper pulls the meat off the bone, leaving the kneecap attached in progress, to date, 5 of the 18 KCS upgrades have been installed successfully better than with manually trim. to the bone and we look forward to the remaining installations”, added Chris. The Foodmate OPTI Thigh Deboner with Kneecap Separator (KCS) trimmers and to improve yields. Also, by reducing the number of manual By upgrading every machine Pilgrim’s expected to reduce the number of 9 9 Eliminates bone shattering 9 9 High yields when operated correctly 9 9 Output speed of 6,000 pieces per hour 9 9 Requires only 15 blades for kneecap separator 9 9 Integrated kneecap separator to minimize trimming 9 9 Simple and accessible design allows for easy maintenance 12 Chris Knight, Director of Engineering Services, Pilgrim’s Corporate. 9 9 Integrated deskinner 9 9 Provides hand cut meat appearance with oyster attached PAGE “With the installation of the KCS we have been able to reduce the number of trimmers and the amount of trim generated, thus increasing yield. The KCS is a great addition to a new OPTI Thigh Deboner or to an existing ma- chine in the field. The investment is quickly justified for a quick ROI.” 9 9 Safety features such as integrated safety PLCS and DC injection brakes Final Product High yield, hand cut appearance without shattering the bones. PAGE 13