insideSUSSEX Magazine - Page 72

INTERIORS THE SUFFOLK KITCHEN BY A MODEST CHAIR FROM THE 1700S SPIED ON A FAMILY HOLIDAY IN EAST ANGLIA INSPIRED THIS ENTIRE KITCHEN. WE HAVE A DEEP RESPECT FOR SHAKER-STYLE SIMPLICITY. IT SHOWS A REAL DISCIPLINE TO DESIGN AND A CLEANLINESS IN CHARACTER. EVERY ASPECT OF THE SUFFOLK THEREFORE HAS LITTLE OBVIOUS EMBELLISHMENT. IT ALL HAPPENS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (AND DRAWERS). The four different collections have been inspired by the classic English kitchen. No matter where a design takes them, that's what grounds it fundamentally. There's always a pantry-style feel, somewhere. But they like to explore and play with other influences from provençal to loft living. But also like to be a little unexpected sometimes. In a nutshell, they aim to honour existing classics but to be the creators of new ones too. Each kitchen collection has its own handwriting; they all have something that 72 makes them unique to the other. But every one is timeless. There are two key components that are only true to Suffolk. Firstly, the Potboard – this slim- line design is almost like a kitchen’s console table in that it’s unobtrusive, subtle and just wants to help. It can be used on its own or at the end of a kitchen island and works as extra chopping space or as it suggests, to store a much-loved collection of pans and pots. Then there’s the double-door larder – every Neptune kitchen features a larder, but no two are the same. The Suffolk is the only one that comes in two-door form. It’s the very definition of cavernous. Neptune Hove 10 Kingsway Hove BN3 2WB 01273 736390 Neptune Hailsham North Street Hailsham BN27 1DQ 01323 849483