insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 16 - June 2016 - Page 11

NEWS TANTALISE YOUR TASTE BUDS AT ‘COOKING FOR STARRS’ IN WORTHING ‘Cooking for Starrs' is a fantastic dining experience created by charity, The Starr Trust, to help young, up-and-coming chefs in Sussex. Now in its second year, the Masterchef-style competition features two teams of chefs and front of house students from Northbrook College. The teams go head-to-head to create a fabulous five-course menu where diners vote on the winning team. These final year students are supported by their college tutors and mentored by Russell Williams, head chef at the prestigious Bailiffscourt Hotel in Climping. Guests will enjoy delicious food with an optional wine flight and will be greeted with a glass of champagne provided by event sponsor, the Hilton Brighton Metropole. Event organiser, Tracey Narvaez from The Starr Trust, says: “We have been running this event successfully in Brighton in partnership with catering colleges for the past four years, which has led to many of the students going on to find work in the thriving hospitality sector. We’re really excited to be taking this initiative to Worthing again this year, collaborating with Northbrook and Bailiffscourt. The future of young people working in the hospitality industry is of paramount importance to hotels and we are delighted that the Hilton is sponsoring the event.” Russell Williams has already begun to try out the menus with the trainee chefs and added: “This year, we are really focusing on helping them to work within a tight budget and to focus on seasonal and local ingredients. The students are also working hard to push their front of house skills up a level.” Cooking for Starrs takes place on Wednesday 15th June at 6.30pm at the lovely Arundel Restaurant, West Durrington Campus, Littlehampton Road, Worthing, BN12 6NU. Ticke G2 *3#R&PfBwwr7F''G'W7B6WfVG2G&6W7F''G'W7B6"#s2sS"ࠤ54TbT2DE$dRDTt( 2u$TT$UdUDVW&rF&W7FW&BvW"2rFVƗfW&W2W&6V@VV7G&276Tb2R2F7&VFR'&F( 2w&VVW7BFVv֖W6v斆G&bF7VW"'&vF2W6rFR6"2PG&2WrVf&VFǒg&VFǒv7FRg&VR6W'f6RFR6Gࠦr2FVƗfW&W2'TbvVB6fR *3W"V"v62WVfVBF66V&B'F2b&6F&6RBSsFF&'&VG2BccbF2֖W66C( Ē7VBBbFRF26BBגVW6V@F6VBRF66vFגV6FffBv2'&ƖB77FV0FrWfW"vVBFv7FRBWfW'Frv2&WW6&R66RVpF7VW"( fRv2BFRFVbG&GV6rFff6V"f"אV&W'2BFR'&fbFRWr3v76Tb2vV@RFRBVFRf7B&Gb'&vFVR&RfW'Vf&VFǒ666W2B( 7W&RFW( &RvrFfRFRFV`frVƗGFVFVƗfW&VB&WW6&Rw&VV6FW"'W&V֗762VV7G&26"( РFRV&W'2ǒ6V"&VrFVB'FR&W7FW&Bv6VRFVv&FW'2FVƗfW&VB&WW6&RWF6FW'2v2Fff27W7FW'0FV6ǒv6FRFff2BBFV&6FFRFVƗfW'G&fW WBFRFW6R&FW"FR2F&VGV6RFR6vr@v7FR766FVBvF&F'FVvFVƗfW&W2W6rFRTbf"FVƗfW&W2v6rFR'W6W72FG&F6ǐ&VGV6RG2FVƗfW'67G2B6&&fG&B֖W6W7FFW2F@