insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 14 - April 2016 - Page 8

welcome Last month, our focus fell on spring, and this month, it’s all about your swing! Sussex is packed with glorious golf courses, and gone are the staid and stuffy stereotypes of the game’s past too. While nothing’s been taken away in terms of golf’s exceptionally well-kept greens and the excellence of the on-site professionals, nowadays you’ll find clubhouses have been updated with great lounge facilities, and membership schemes have been overhauled to suit everyone, from the occasional golfer, to those who would never miss a round on Sunday. Head to p60 for our eight-page guide. Besides golf, of course we’ve been thinking about food. No longer just the stuff of our dining tables, food – like almost everything – has crept its way into our social media lives too, and when we came across the hashtag #MeatFreeMonday, we couldn’t overlook it. From p27, you’ll find three pages of vegetarian recipes, so you can join the meat-free movement started by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney. Following on the theme, I had the pleasure of eating at Brighton’s newest vegetarian offering, 1847 (p31), and was rendered speechless by a cauliflower… If you want to contact me over the summer, this is where i'll be... My continued health and wellness journey took a turn from the sublime, when I was lucky enough to try out ‘The Light Technique’ (p45) – an incredible and entirely personalised treatment that works to rebalance overall wellbeing – to the almost ridiculous when I got stuck in a wind tunnel while stand up paddleboarding. Needless to say, I got out, and I feel that I’ve found the perfect summer sport – for everyone. You can read all about it on p46-47. All that’s left to say is make sure you stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter @insidesussexmag to let us know what you think of the the mag. Your opinion is highly valued. Polly @insidesussexmag /insidesussexmag /insidesussex insidesussexmag Editor Polly Humphris Features & Online Editor Lisamarie Lamb Graphic Designers Laurence Whymark / Dave Leo Yogore Fashion Editor Molly Neznanski Gil Account Managers Andy Hortin / Alex Perseval / Greg Bettles Operations Manager Sam Gottshalk Contributors Luke Yates Photography Luke Yates -Creative & Editorial Director Donna Martin Sales & Publishing Director Adam Ready insideSUSSEX Magazine is published by Sideways Media Ltd 3rd Floor | Queensberry House | Queens Rd | Brighton | BN1 3XF | For general enquiries, please contact 01273 915110 @hellosideways /hellosideways When you have finished with this magazine, please pass it on to a friend or recycle it. For all editorial enquiries, please email For all advertising enquiries, please contact Adam Ready on 07824 882086 or email © Copyright 2016. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher. Neither the publisher nor any oth