insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 14 - April 2016 - Page 55

DAYSOUT GOLF IN SUSSEX cont. Golf At Goodwood // 01243 755168 Every golfer has a unique swing, just as every golfer has a different lifestyle. By placing the varying lifestyles of a golfer at the epicentre of their membership, Golf At Goodwood have emphasised the need for a golf membership that is not just flexible, but can be completely tailored to the individual golfer. For almost a decade, Credit Membership has strived to make golf membership as flexible as possible while at the same time making it affordable for all. With traditional memberships, there can be barriers such as times and days when different schemes allow you to play; at Goodwood this is a thing of the past. Whether you play once a day, or just once every so often, you will enjoy all the benefits you would expect from an exceptional golf environment, but without the annual costs usually associated with a traditional club. Stereotypical, stuffy golf clubs are a thing of the past, and in overcoming the traditional barriers that are associated with golf clubs and their membership