insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 14 - April 2016 - Page 47

HEALTH+WELLNESS So, apart from a whopping dose of fresh air and a lovely feeling of achievement once you’re finally up and standing, how does SUP benefit those who want to get a good fitness kick out if it too? “Stand up paddleboarding primarily works your core,” Sasha said. “Even if you are just sitting on the board in the water you are working your core because you’re working to balance and stay upright. It is a good overall workout though because you’re using your core and legs to lean forward and balance on the board, plus you’re using your arms to paddle through water, which adds resistance. It’s a great sport to add to your existing training plan because it’s fun, so you don’t really feel like you’re having a workout.” Another fantastic thing I found out about SUP that I hadn’t considered before I had a go was how sociable a sport it is. Bar one slightly hairy moment when I had to paddle like billy-o just to edge forward in what I now know was a wind tunnel, you can make SUP as leisurely or as challenging as you like. On a calm, flat day with the wind behind you, you can gently paddle for miles having a good old gossip as you go; if you’re not the talking type, or want to really push yourself, you can enter one of the many sporting events that now incorporate stand up paddleboarding such as #supbikerun, a triathlon that’s replaced a swim with a SUP. Overall, I connected with it straight away. Sasha is a brilliant teacher and I loved the fact that I was out on the water and in the fresh air, but wasn’t confined in a heavy outfit as with scuba diving, or having to manage a big sail like with windsurfing. Once you’re well practiced, you don’t have to wear a wetsuit and you don’t have to wear a life jacket either, so as long as you’re up to a confident level of safety and have a leash attaching your ankle to your board, you can just go out for a paddle – on a warm summer’s day with the sun on your back; just imagine that. Bliss. Moxie Unleashed 07568 107963 SASHA’S TOP THREE TIPS FOR PADDLEBOARD BEGINNERS? 1 2 JUST GO FOR IT Don’t just sit and watch people from the beach or riverside; find out where your local club is and go and organise an intro session. It will give you the confidence to get out there and provide you with some invaluable lesson ́