insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 14 - April 2016 - Page 45

HEALTH+WELLNESS TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC: The Light Technique Developed and perfected by Katie Light, a health and wellness expert with over 20 years of experience in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Reiki and dynamic massage therapies, The Light Technique is an absolutely unique treatment that works to address both the emotional and physical issues that can affect our overall wellbeing, with the aim of creating profound and positive life changes. Polly Humphris, a person that giggles when she’s massaged and had never heard of NLP in her life, has come back a changed woman. First things first, please do not be baffled by the jargon. There still exists a bit of a stigma towards things such as NLP and Reiki with many people dismissing them as a bit, well, ‘hippyish’. Though I’ve never been one of those people, neither have I entered their world before, so I was intrigued to get behind the mystery of their exotic names and find out what they actually are. In a nutshell, NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy that enables people to reeducate themselves and change their patterns of behaviour for the best possible outcome. Reiki is a healing technique based on channeling energy by means of touch that activates the natural healing process, restoring physical and emotional wellbeing. And, as for dynamic massage, Katie has developed numerous techniques over years spent travelling the world working with all manner of leading experts. Mix this all together et voila, you have The Light Technique, a really effective and entirely personalised approach to treating mind, body and soul, which Katie now practices from her gorgeous cocoon of a studio in central Brighton – her hometown – as well as at various locations in London. And when I say really effective, I mean really effective. I had no idea what I needed when I arrived at Katie’s studio and neither did she; that’s the beauty of it. Blessed with a sincerity and warmth that makes you want to chat to her openly, Katie simply asks a few questions about your life and lifestyle and lets you speak. 30 minutes later, akin to building a puzzle, she’s identified the ‘corners’ – the main things that might be leaving you dissatisfied, whether mentally or physically – and is then able to put together all the smaller pieces of the puzzle to make a complete picture and set about helping you become enabled to tackle what’s bothering you, coming away positive and energised. “While we were talking, I was watching your body language, your breathing when you talked about certain things, and how your body responded,” Katie told me after my 90-minute treatment. “Based on what your body, mind and emotions have been through recently I felt that your sacral and heart chakra needed some healing and realigning with blocked energy. I also focused on tummy massage with you, as I felt that you carry a lot of stress internally, and because tummy massage creates unblocking too, so the Reiki can clear and heal more effectively.” 45 Hand on heart (chakra), I felt utterly at peace and buzzing with positivity at the end of the session. I’m not an expert and I cannot give any fact fans out there chapter and verse on the science behind it, just trust me, it works; a 90-minute Light Technique with Katie feels tantamount to a child-free week in the sun and I would re commend it to anyone. With proven results in treating insomnia and sleep deprivation; mental stress and exhaustion; anxiety and panic attacks; emotional eating; hormonal imbalances; and problematic skin conditions to name but six, wellness for the body and mind is certainly Katie Light’s calling. If you feel a bit out of whack, give it a whirl – you’ll come away at the very least happy and with your batteries recharged; you may even gain an entirely new perspective or two. Studio iO 3 Queens Place, Brighton, BN1 4JY 07554 003 070 @lighttechnique