insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 14 - April 2016 - Page 16

ARTS+ENTERTAINMENT INTERVIEW WITH James Barrett JAMES BARRETT IS IN LOVE WITH SUSSEX, AND HE USES THAT LOVE TO CREATE SOME BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING PHOTOGRAPHIC ART THAT SHOWS THE COUNTY OFF AT ITS BEST. Winter Light, Poynings Cuckmere Valley from Frog Firle How would you describe your art? What is it that you do? I'm a freelance landscape photographer from Sussex. I live in Plumpton, so I have the South Downs on my doorstep and I mainly base my photography around this area. I suppose my landscape photography is quite traditional, in that I'm trying to create atmospheric images in good light. I primarily take photographs around sunrise and sunset (for the best light), but really I'm happy to go out at any time of day and see what I can get with my camera. Bluebell Essence Do you have a favourite photograph that you have taken? There's quite a few I'm proud of and my mind changes frequently on which is my favourite, but I often come back to Winter Light, Poynings. This photograph was taken on an afternoon in December, when the weather and light was changing very quickly. I really like the painterly feel to it. What is it about Su