insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 08 - October 2015 - Page 90

MOTORS Price as Tested: £39,105 Top Speed: 124 MPH 0-62 MPH: 8.4 Seconds Economy: Combined 60.1 MPG Engine: 2.5-litre Hybrid Performance: 178 BHP Combined CO2: 109 G/KM seconds, accompanied by the most fascinating engine sound. Powerful but controlled, this could well be the sound of the future. In fact, incredibly it's the sound of a synthesised engine noise delivered through a speaker, and it's not as crazy as it first sounds! The IS 300h really is a hybrid car, using engine technology that renders it very, very quiet indeed, yet at the same time proudly wearing a sport badge. This creates a potential problem, as any racing driver will tell you paying attention to engine noise is a big part of getting a car to perform at its optimum level. them will change the way the electronic speedometer looks. This is really cool. The 2014 incarnation of the IS 300h not only does a perfect job of balancing style and subtlety with economy and sportiness, but it takes hybrid technology further into a place where it is a realistic alternative to diesel motors. As Alan P might conclude, the Lexus 'IS' a great car. So this digital noise is designed by the clever folks at Lexus to give the driver feedback when driving enthusiastically into corners or around roundabouts. And it works superbly. When the road is less straight, the Lexus, despite being a good sized car, handles amazingly, giving you plenty of confidence out on those country lanes and making for a very enjoyable drive indeed. A CVT gearbox means that the car stays at its optimal revs whilst changing through the gear, therefore contributing to the car's amazing fuel efficiency. The IS 300h boasts a most impressive combined fuel consumption figure of 60.1 MPG and cO2 emissions of just 109 G/KM. There are three driving modes to choose from: eco, normal and sport, and choosing between 90 Lexus Tunbridge Wells 01892 700400