insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 08 - October 2015 - Page 60

DAYSOUT A Brief History of Sussex cont. The Bronze Age (1,400 to 1,100 BC) and the Iron Age (1,000 to 75 BC) didn’t put an end to this industrious part of Britain; the Sussex settlers simply used new materials to stay on top of British industry, and it seems that the area around Beachy Head was the hub of it all with large Iron and Bronze Age villages being found there along with pottery and tools. What did end the growing businesses emerging in Sussex at the time was the arrival of the Romans. When they invaded in 55BC, they occupied the South East of Britain, including Sussex, and everything changed. Did it change for the better? Well, the Romans were dedicated to enhancing the areas they invaded, and that meant that the road networks for one were made much easier to use. Now Sussex was linked easily to London, and more trade could begin. Coins were also introduced to the area, so bartering for goods became a thing of the past and money started to become more and more important. It was at this time that the magnificent Roman villas were built, and a good example of this can be seen at Fishbourne Roman Palace. The advancements, money, and roads – despite their defensives, such as Pevensey Castle – did nothing to prevent the natives from deciding enough was enough and taking their land back, driving the Romans from the country. Peace reined ( \