insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 08 - October 2015 - Page 54

FASHION+BEAUTY SEMI-PERMANENT MAKE UP & SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION Before What if beauty could be more than skin deep? Well, one Brighton based tattoo studio is providing beauty that is layers deep by offering stunning semi-permanent make up and scalp micropigmentation, all undertaken by skilled tattoo and aesthetics artist, Eve Pleavin. These ground breaking techniques result in the most gorgeous of looks, and at the Velvet Pigmentation Clinic you can rest assured that you will have an affordable, friendly, and professional job done. After Semi-Permanent Make Up Scalp Micropigmentation Semi-permanent make up is becoming more and more popular across the country, and in Brighton you can enjoy some very specialised treatment. So what is semi-permanent make up? A technique called micropigmentation (very fine tattooing) is used to insert beautiful pigments into the upper dermis layer of the skin, giving the client the appearance of wearing perfect make up without the need to use skin irritating emollients and fragrances. It’s ideal for those with allergies, for anyone who leads a busy life and doesn’t have time to apply make up every morning, or for those who simply enjoy the finer things in life (although at the Velvet Pigmentation Clinic you won’t have to pay the earth for it all). For some, a balding head is not a look they like. It can take away confidence, making everyday life difficult to deal with. But at Brighton’s Velvet Pigmentation Clinic that feeling can be a thing of the past; scalp micropigmentation is the future. Semi-permanent make up is beloved by models, actors, singers, and entertainers of all kinds; it enhances their natural look without taking up valuable time and money, freeing you to enjoy life to the fullest. Eve has 14 years of experience when it comes to applying stunning semi-permanent make up; she is an expert at using the precision needles and tools, and the end results are certainly impressive. Her work includes eyebrow reshaping, lash thickening, lip definition, and eye contouring. Eve Pleavin redefines the art of semi-permanent make up. Prices range from £40 to £420. Scalp micropigmentation is an exceptional tattooing technique that offers the look of a shaved scalp without the need for expensive hair transplant surgery; tiny dots of pigment are tattooed onto the scalp, giving the appearance of stubble. Tattoo artist Eve Pleavin can produce exceptionally realistic hairlines for anyone whose life is blighted by a bald or thinning scalp. The technique offers hope to those who suffer from alopecia, baldness, thinning hair, or even scarring from previous hair transplant surgeries. Why use the Velvet Pigmentation Clinic? It’s simple. They know what they’re doing. Pigments are mixed to suit individuals based on natural hair colour and skin tones; the final hairline is discussed and chosen between client and practitioner. Plus, the studio is a warm, inviting, and relaxed place that is run according to the latest micropigmentation hygiene and compliance guidelines. What more could anyone ask for? What’s really great about scalp micropigmentation is the ease for the client; keeping your head shaved to maintain the appearance of a buzz cut, and coming in for top-up sessions every two years or so is the extent of the work needed t