insideSUSSEX Magazine Issue 08 - October 2015 - Page 17

ARTS+ENTERTAINMENT laughter IS THE BEST MEDICINE Comedy in the South East It’s an oldie but a goodie (like many jokes, when you think about it) because this saying actually has its roots in fact. Laughter – be it loud LOLs or quiet little giggles – really does make us feel better. It’s the ideal stress reliever, and although it can’t cure everything, it will give you the positive outlook needed to fight infection and disease, as well as making you happy in the here and now. Laughter changes you both mentally and – incredibly – physically too. Laughter makes your lungs work differently, and allows you to take in more oxygen which in turn gets your heart, lungs, muscles, and brain firing on all cylinders. After a good laughing workout, you’ll be ready to take on anything, and you’ll feel good while you’re doing it because the endorphins (happy hormones) in your body have been released and are running riot. In the long run, laughter actually improves your immune system; when you laugh (or when you think positive thoughts) molecules called neuropeptides are released into the body. These little critters fight against stress and can even ease some feelings of depression and anxiety. So, now that you know why it’s so good to laugh, here are some fantastic venues and shows across the South East that will tickle your funny bone and get those good feelings happening! Wait, there’s more! Laughter also eases pain. Our amazing bodies can release a natural painkiller, but sometimes it can take a while to get it working. Laughing when in pain speeds up the process. So next time it hurts, think of something funny, and you’ll find it doesn’t hurt as much anymore! Blackstock Farm, Hellingly Blackstock is a nature-friendly farm and unique events venue nestled in the heart of the Sussex countryside near a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. Its legendary live comedy nights showcase the best of the area’s talent with a brilliant atmosphere, gourmet food, and sidesplitting laughs. Chequer Mead Theatre, East Grinstead This purpose-built theatre in East Grinstead is a fantastic live comedy venue, attracting many superb acts that will have you rolling in the aisles. Upcoming evenings include an evening with Sue Hodge (Mimi Lebonq from ’Allo ’Allo), and the ever popular East Grinstead Christmas Comedy Gala (featuring Kerry Godliman, Doc Brown, Rhys James, and James McGill). 17 The Walnut Tree, Maidstone The Walnut Tree offers a variety of live entertainment, including regular comedy nights. Over 300 years old, this Kentish pub has a lot of history to it, but there is a definite modern approach to the entertainment – sit back in style, sup some fine local ales (The Walnut Tree is the proud holder of the Cask Marque), eat some delicious p ub grub, and laugh the night away. The Black Cat Club at Westcoast, Margate Westcoast is Thanet’s premier multifunctional venue, bar, and Caribbean Tapas eatery located at the heart of Margate Oldtown. With three separate rooms you can enjoy the best in live entertainment as well as mouth-watering Caribbean food. The Black Cat Club itself provides a platform for new and established variety acts in addition to offering a wide choice of retro clubbing culture for those who expect a little more from a night out.