insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 90

FOOD+DRINK GOOD TIMES, GREAT FOOD AND A WORLD OF TASTE ADVENTURE AT THE KOREAN COWGIRL OK, I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: WHEN I HEARD THAT I WAS GOING TO BE VENTURING TO THE KOREAN COWGIRL, CANTERBURY’S LATEST HIP DINING VENUE, MY IMMEDIATE THOUGHT WAS “OH UM, KOREAN FOOD…LOVELY”. WHICH IS OF NO DISRESPECT TO KOREAN FOOD, BUT MORE BECAUSE I’M A PRETTY FUSSY EATER, SO IT WOULDN’T NATURALLY BE MY FIRST CHOICE OF CUISINE…BUT, JUST LIKE THAT, I’D FALLEN STRAIGHT INTO THE TRAP OF JUST WHAT THE KOREAN COWGIRL IS ALL ABOUT – IT’S NOT KOREAN FOOD AT ALL, AT LEAST NOT IN THE WAY ONE WOULD EXPECT. By Samantha Ready The Korean Cowgirl is, in fact, a nod to the worldwide culinary adventures of two well-travelled friends who, on their return to home turf, decided it was time to bring some of the wonderful tastes they’d experienced back to the streets of Kent. Deciding to keep their menu simple, they’ve opted for two main food delights – the authentic Texan low-and-slow BBQ smoking technique that creates the ultimate BBQ beef brisket (the ‘Cowgirl’), and the relatively unknown Korean fried chicken, (the ‘Korean’), which, in this incarnation, offers double-fried wings and drumettes with the best crispy skin in a range of sweet, sticky or spicy flavours. The restaurant itself is a mix of Midwest rodeo – saddles, wooden seats and bar stools, and backstreet Korean – graffiti strewn walls, and table- embedded TVs playing Korean pop music videos, which is a bizarre but charming touch. Settled at our windowside table all attention turned to the menu, which was carefully explained by our host. Besides the ‘Cowgirl’ and the ‘Korean’ – the two stars of the show – you can opt for pulled pork and pork ribs, or Cowgirl’s Baps - a cheeky way to offer brisket, pork or halloumi in a bun, as well as a host of veggie options and tantalising side dishes. Without question, one of the best ways to eat here is to pick ‘The Dirty Cowgirl’, a half pound of brisket, half pound of pulled pork, quarter rack of ribs and three pieces of fried chicken as well as two side dishes – hello parmesan truffle and sweet potato fries! My better half and I decided to share the platter and we also opted for 12 pieces of Korean fried chicken for the table. This restaurant serves proper fried chicken: crispy, crunchy skin; sweet, sticky flavour combinations; and tender, melting chicken. Despite our initial reluctance to order so much, we devoured the whole lot, each plumping for a different favourite flavour. The Dirty Cowgirl was a BBQ 90 taste revelation too and the melt- in-the-mouth, intense flavour of the slow-cooked brisket gave way to the sweetness of the sticky pulled pork before we fought over the most plump and juicy ribs we’d ever seen. Home BBQ will never be the same again. Feeling full, but never ones to turn down dessert, we ordered a Key lime pie – fresh, sweet, zingy and a great palate cleanser, it was divine, and we were all instantly hooked by the option to toast our own accompanying marshmallows. A proper BBQ pit dessert with mini burner, extending forks and a host of sweet treats, biscuits, strawberries, chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis enabling you to assemble your own ‘smores’, it was a great sharer and the perfect ending to an evening of good fun and great food. The Korean Cowgirl 13 Palace Street Canterbury Kent CT1 2DZ 01227 788 006 korean_cowgirl TheKoreanCowgirl thekoreancowgirl