insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 88

FOOD+DRINK STEP UP YOUR COOKING GAME cont. KENT COOKERY COURSES Rosemary Shrager Cookery School, Tunbridge Wells 88 Kent Cookery School, Ashford Swift House Cookery School, Bethersden Rosemary Shrager – world-renowned chef – has a superb cookery school in Tunbridge Wells that caters to every skill level from beginner to expert. The courses are run by Rosemary herself, head chef Iain More and chef tutor Shenley Moore, and there is something that will appeal to every budding cook. Courses include Fantastic Fish, Cook Yourself Healthy, French Classics with Rosemary Shrager and American Baking. There are even classes for children and teenagers from 8 to 13 to get them started early and to give them the knowledge they need to be great cooks from a young age. Located in Mersham-le-Hatch just outside Ashford, the Kent Cookery School already has its idyllic location going for it – you can relax in peaceful surroundings and really take in everything the expert chef tutors have to teach you. This is not a clinical, sterile looking kitchen – making use of the old listed barn that is the home of the Kent Cookery School, this is a home from home, rustic and comfortable, and with plenty of parking on site all you need to think about is cooking. And there is a lot of it going on here. Courses include Patisserie, Cooking with Confidence, Shoot and Dine day and even Cake Decorating. A combination of highly qualified chef tutors and a fun, friendly, relaxed atmosphere make the Swift House Cookery School a delight to attend. Set up by Caroline Phillips in 2013, regular tutors include Chef of the Year 2015 Dev Biswal who offers course attendees the chance to discover just how to spice Indian food perfectly. Other courses include Thai Cookery and Cake Decorating. Or why not book a party and bring your friends and family along to try something very different when you want to celebrate something special? Chequers Kitchen Cookery School, Deal The Garden of England Cook School, Hythe Ideal for team corporate events, family workshops, or simply to hone those rusty kitchen skills, the courses at the Chequers Kitchen Cookery School near Deal are well planned and executed meaning that all those who attend come away with excellent new knowledge about how to cook, and how to present exciting and delicious food. All of the ingredients used in the courses (including Family Pasta Making, Corsican Pie, Authentic Thai Cooking and the beginner’s class, Learn to Cook – Foundation) are locally sourced in Kent wherever possible, and every one of them is fresh and high quality. Whether you’re a complete novice or you have gourmet aspirations, there will be a Garden of England Cook School course that will take what knowledge you have and broaden your experience of food so that you can create spectacularly tasty dishes at home. It’s a great way to learn something new whilst the magnificent surroundings of Lympne Castle will give you all the inspiration you need. There is a big emphasis on healthy eating here as well, allowing you to keep to your summer diet plan even when cooking up a storm. Courses such as breads and soups, picnics and al fresco dining, puddings and pastry and curries of the world can all be booked here. Canterbury Baking School If you fancy yourself as the next Great British baker then why not book yourself onto one of the fabulous baking workshops run by the Canterbury Baking School? On these creative cooking courses you will learn how to make breads, rolls and yeasted cakes. Not only that, but you’ll learn about the history and heritage of different grains including spelt, rye, wheat and barley – by the end of the course you’ll know how to spot which one is which and you’ll know why certain grains are used in specific breads. This is a hands-on, fully interactive kind of class which will take you from milling your own grain to creating delicious and nutritious bread and cakes.