insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 86

FOOD+DRINK STEP UP YOUR COOKING GAME cont. ONLINE COURSES Food Techniques The Delia Online Cooking School For a great start with the basics of cookery, the BBC Food Techniques website has it all. From learning how to de-seed tomatoes to discovering how to deglaze a pan, there are dozens of tutorial videos that will give you a fantastic understanding of how things work in the kitchen – and how to ensure that your cookery ideas have the best grounding in sound technique. With videos presented by the one and only Delia Smith, you are sure to come away from this website with more than a few ideas of what to cook for dinner. But more than that, this is a site you can come back to time and again, picking the tutorials that suit your needs. As well as videos, all the instructions are written out on the website for you, so whether you like to follow someone else’s lead or try it for yourself, the choice is yours. Rouxbe Rouxbe has a variety of different courses for you to choose from. They start with the basics for beginners and go right up to expert meal preparation. Whatever you want to learn more about cooking there is a course here that will explain it all, with expert advice along the way. 86 Chef Jean Pierre’s Cooking School If you have ever dreamt of being taught how to cook by a bona fide French chef, Jean Pierre’s YouTube channel is the place for you. Packed full of delicious looking dishes that wouldn’t look out of place on a high-end dining menu, Chef Jean Pierre makes it all look easy. But he also makes it perfectly possible for anyone who is following his lessons if tortolloni a la vodka or horseradish crusted salmon are your kind of dishes, excitable Jean Pierre is your kind of chef. Maangchi Maangchi is a seriously clever Korean chef, and she has uploaded a plethora of exotic and exciting recipe tutorials to YouTube. She’s fun to watch even if you don’t want to do any cooking, but if you do want to join in then make sure you have a finger ready on the pause button because once she gets going she goes fast!