insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 67

Royal Native Oyster Stores // // Whitstable No listing of seafood restaurants in Kent would be complete without the mention of the famous Whitstable Oyster Company’s Royal Native Oyster Stores. And rightly so. The restaurant itself is located on the beach, so the views are guaranteed to be stunning. The Whitstable Oyster Company began in the 1400s, making it one of the oldest companies in Europe, so the people behind it know more than a little something about making great seafood dishes. Just a few of those dishes include chargrilled sardines; whole roast wild sea bass with garlic and rosemary; deep-fried local cod in beer &GFW"vF62W6V2BF'F&R6V6SBb6W'6Rf&WGbFffW&VB7FW'2RWFB76wwrWWFG766VW&R&&V6VFǒ&VVVBVFW"WrvVVBFW6R&RW6FrFW2f"FPvW'27FfbBG&2bRWFB76FW&R&RfF7F2'&Vf7BV6BFW"VW2FB6VFRvǒg&W6B6ǒ6VvBf60vV2FW"F6W2f"F6Rv&VfW"6WFrƗGFRW726VBƗGFP&RBbRƖRFR6VBbW76VƖwVRvF6Vf6&VGV7F㰦g'VBFRW"GFW"bVW27&VR&v26W&Vg&VB6g&VBvV2B7FW'3"6FfW"6RvFVF6WrFFW0B6&RF22FR6Rf"RvG2bvW"wwrvG26VvW vG2bvW"2&Ff6&W7FW&BBg&V6&W7FW&BBFP6&FbFRGv7V6W2&VG2'fVW6ǒFRVR6vW0g&WVVFǒ6FBFRVB6VbBvW"7FWfRvFW2&RF6v66PFR7B6V6&GV6Rf&RvB6RWV7Bg&2WfW"Ц6vrVSF6W26VFR66r&vB7&"&6GFvF6fg&B66FVW&&7BfWBb6'&vF6FVBfVV6&6W76V2W'R7&WFr'&66ƒBVv6V66R&WW'&R&3@67&"6BvF&VRfVVVǒf6FBv66VƗ2c