insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 62

FOOD+DRINK We KENT SEAFOOD - A HISTORY WHERE TO BUY FRESH FISH IN KENT Kent and seafood has been a winning combination for centuries. All the way from Dungeness to the Thames Estuary, the fishing industry has been part of Kent’s history since the earliest times, with Roman invaders first finding that the area was particularly plentiful. It was during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that fishing as a viable industry really took off, however, with more people earning a living from the sea than from anything else. Thanks to Kent’s enviable location and proud history of fishing, there are many places across the county that offer exceptionally fresh and delicious fish for you to prepare at home. And, if you don’t know exactly how to do that, just ask – the experts will be happy to pass on their impressive knowledge. The area became famous for its fish, with Dover (sole) and Whitstable (oysters) becoming the most infamous Kentish towns for their succulent seafood. Today, although the industry is much smaller than in it ^Y^K\H\H[\[LX[Y\[\[]\\H[x&\ܙ\XX^KYX[[\ ٙ\[ۘ[\\Y[[\]HHH[\ XYܚYو]H˙ܚYٚ]]Z˘H ]B]Y\XHۈHXX]]K[H[YHH\[]X]H[]\HB XYX[]H\\H\\™\\]8&\XH] ]\][\X\ۘ[ٙ\[\Y]Y\X\ݙ\KXX\[[\[\H[Hؙ\؜\HX^H\[X\[[X^[›[Hؙ\X\ [ۈXY˛[ۜXY˘˝Z X\X[BHY][ۈXY]Hݙ\ L YX\›و^\Y[H[]Y\\[]X\[Y\]HXY\H\وHY\]X[]H8$[][\[\H۸&]H\]Y Z\\Y\\XH\H[\X\H\^H\H8$\X\\Y[X[B\]\[XܛH]X\ IHX\ۂ˙[[\Y\ ˝Z Y[H\]IHX\ۈ[H\\Y[\^XXYX][ۜ8$]]\[B\]Z\KH^\Y[[ ۛH\“IHX\ۈ\H^[[\\ ]^H[[[HH\[H]\[Z[\8$Y][]^x&\H[ۙY܎\X[\HY[[[ۋ\\[Y\ݙ\KXH\\[][XX\[[\[\[XY[Y\›]\[\ܘX[؜\