insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 60

FOOD+DRINK THE ULTIMATE KENT PUB CRAWL cont. 16) The George Inn 19) The Windmill by Richard Phillips The George Inn is all about family. It’s a family-run business for a start, making for a close-knit team that works effortlessly well together. But it’s also about the family that is created by the customers who frequent this lovely bar, the ones who come back again and again to sample the delights of the menu. To top it all off, The George won Kent Dining Pub of the Year in the 2015 and 2016 Taste of Kent Awards! The George Restaurant & Bar, The Street, Molash CT4 8HE 01233 740323 17) The Kings Head If one word can be used to describe The Kings Head in Wye, it’s ‘quality’. The staff here offer perfection, and that means that the food, the ambience, the décor, the range of drinks is all exactly what you want and need from a proper village pub. The menu is an award-winning one, so you can rest assured that your meal will be memorable – and there are rooms ɔͼԁЁѽձԁ݅́х䁙ȁѡЄ)Q]ЁٔэոɕݹIɐ)A̰ЁѡЁͻeЁӊé䁱́չՈ%а)́٥ͥѽ́䁙ɕՕѥѡ]她)ݽəհɅ䁽ͽɍɥ]ѡȁԁɔ)ȁɵͥЁݸȁԁЁ݅ЁѼѼ)ݥѠɥ̰׊eɔѡݕ)Q]ȁ塽ɹMɕа!ɹ5ѽ5܀QH(Ȁ)ܹѡݥɥɑ̹լ(Q ձ)Q-́! ɍMɕа]唁Q8Ԁ 8(̀)ܹ͡唹(ँQ]!͕()QԁЁѡ)]!͕)́ɕձ)͔ͥ́ѡ)݅́́ѼݽɬݥѠ)ѡɕ)مLٕѡ)͕́ͽɕ͠)ѡ՝׊e݅)܁ٽɥѕ)ѱͥ)ɕѥٔ́͡Ս)ѕɕ)ɥ́ѡѡ)丁ԁ)ɽѡȁԁٕٕɹЁɔͥѡɔ) Ʌم ՈͥєɥЁѡՋéѕIѱɕمѕȰѡ́ɥمѕ䁽ݹѠ䁥)ЁЁɕ䁙LӊéȁхȁɅѕѕ́ݕͼ)݅ЁѼх䁽ٕɹЁѕȁ她ѡˊéх䰁ԁe)ٔѼٕ䁙ȸQ ձ́ɵݥѠݽəհ)չݥѠͽ́Ѽ䰁́ݕ́ɕ́ݡѡ)ݕѡȁե̸]Ѡ̃є́́ݕ́ፕЁ)͹̀ݡ́ݥѠͽɍɕ̤ѡ ձ)́ЁѼȁЁȁɔ)Q]!͕̰ٕ͡I ɥ͡ɐQ8܀9H(̀)ܹչՉйլQ ձ!ѕ ձ1]ɽѡQ8ԀI(Ȁ)ܹѡձѕ