insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 40

TOWNSPOTLIGHT Spotlight on DOVER cont. THINGS TO DO Dover Castle Founded in the 11th century and added to by a variety of rulers and military strategists, Dover Castle is one of the best-preserved – and most interesting – castles in Kent. Not only is the keep itself exciting to explore (it is full of authentic medieval tools and furniture too), but so are many of the additional buildings in the compound. This is more like a self- contained village than a simple castle, and included in your ticket price are the World War II tunnels and hospital amongst many other exciting activities. At various times throughout the year there are themed event days at Dover Castle (at the end of May there is a World War II themed event, and Halloween is always fun here). Dover Transport Museum The only museum of its kind in Kent, the Dover Transport Museum is home to a variety of different forms of vintage transport. To add to the fun there are also vintage shop fronts, a large model railway, a ‘taxi and bus hunt’ and a great little café. Samphire Hoe Country Park This lovely outdoor space is the perfect place to take a deep breath and enjoy the stunning scenery that Dover has to offer within the Kent 40 Downs Area of Natural Beauty. This 30-hectare site is an ideal place to visit with the family, as a couple, by yourself… if you love the open air and nature, you will love it here. It’s a fantastic spot for a picnic and for simply adventuring in the great outdoors. Western Heights Although perhaps somewhat overshadowed by the splendour that is Dover Castle, the Western Heights is another great place to visit when in town. It is what is known as a ‘drop redoubt’ – a place where soldiers were able to fire upon their enemies whilst remain as safe as it was possible to be. Although not open to the public, it is possible to book (in advance) onto one of the many guided tours that take place here. DINING OUT La Scala For delicious, authentic, fresh Italian food, La Scal H\HXHˈ]\[Y[ K[[H][YHH[H\XYHۙBوH\ [ݙY\]\[[H\XH8$\[Y[HܙX][Y[HYHY[H\XY]Y][ۘ[][X[\\[Y[[X\ۚHX[H [œ]ۜY][Y\\X]H[B\Y]XY K\[HH\\YB]\H[\\Y\\H[[[H X\وX[Y][K۝[HY\KܙY[\\ܛ]B[H[ܙX[JKH]Y\\ \]\[X[\[X[[H8$][ܙH[[[ۙH\܈[^H[\\X]]Y[X]]۝YH[ݙ\&\\ܛ\[O\H\Y][ۘ[]\\HX\[[ۈ]\ܘH [[ۂ[][\Y[H]XHو]H[KX]\ܙX[H[]ۜ\Y]\Y]X\]]0H܈]]\K[X[\[H[X\H[\YY[H]XK[Y[Hوܚ˂HX\]Z\][[B]Y\]HZ[\Hݙ\][]\ܝXZ[Hܝ\^HHB[ܙYXH]\[H[[\]\[ H ^YX\[ܛY\[YH[\B^\H[]H[ܘ[و\]\[˜]XY8$HX\]Z\][[H\Z[B]\\^X][ۜˈ\H\HH\Y]HقY\[Y[\HH[Y[B[\[Y[H[H0H\HY[K]X]\X[HH[H[B\HوX][\\X\Z[XHY8&]H[&K[X]]YH[\Xœ\\Y\[[ٝ\[ܘ[B[\[[HY0K