insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 2

LOCATED NEAR JUNCTION 3 OF THE M25 THE BIG GE ST CELEBRATION OF AMERICAN-FUELLED MOTORING, MUSIC AND RACING THIS SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC ! ON TR AC K EURO NASCAR R A C IN G Headline race actio n will be supplied by the US inspired NASC AR Whelen Euro Serie s, the only authentic Am erican stock car product on this side of the Atlantic. With support races from: Pickup Truck Racing V8 Muscle cars Sillhouette Coupe an d Saloon Cars THE ECHO OF V8s IN THE AIR DRIVER CELEBRATIONS L AND DR AMA EXPERIENCE THE THRIL E UK TH IN OF NASC AR FACEBOOK.COM/AMERICANSPEEDFEST TWITTER.COM/BRANDSSPEEDFEST BOOK NOW! WWW.SPEEDFEST.CO.UK