insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 18

COMPETITION A LUXURY HAMPER FROM Win KENT HAMPER CO! KENT HAMPER CO IS A LUXURY KENT-BASED HAMPER AND GIFT BUSINESS. FORMED IN 2015 BY A HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM, THE OWNERS WERE LOOKING TO PURCHASE A GIFT CONSISTING OF AMAZING KENT PRODUCE FOR A RELATIVE, AND THEY COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING TO FIT THE BILL, AND FOR THAT VERY REASON KENT HAMPER CO WAS BORN. The search for gorgeous Kent produce began. They were looking for the best products Kent had to offer, but with so many fantastic products from some of the nicest producers you could wish to meet, it proved very difficult to incorporate all of the products. As such, new products are being added all the time and new hampers released. From that fateful first day of business in 2015, KHC haven't looked back and have gone from strength to strength selling far and wide with orders from as far as Australia and America. As well as beautiful consumer gifts KHC also provide a fully bespoke corporate service supplying many different industries with their corporate gifting needs. Kent Hamper Co are great advocates of all things Kent and will be adding to their range and also launching new and exciting services in the near future. Win a bespoke luxury hamper from Kent Hamper Co! For your chance to win, head to, or follow @insideKENT and @kenthamperco on Twitter and tweet: I want to #WIN a luxury hamper from K [[\\H[YRS [[\\[[\8$XB[X]H[YRS8&\[X[\YK[[\\\][]^BHܙ[\\H[\\[Y[΂( HوXH[[YYܘX\ [X\HZ\JB( H\\K[[H[H\[][H[H \I][B( H\[Y[\YYۚ[ۈ]^H \I][B( H[XYHX[[H \[\H[\ B( H][ۙ^HY\ [X\HZ\JB( HZ][]Z[]H[[ [XH[\H]\B( Hو L^\H]\^\]H [XH[\H]\B( H\و]\YH[X[ۈ HYH][B( H[ܚ^ \[\H[\ B( H[[\ۈX \[\H[\ B( HHو]H[H \X] B( HHوY[H \[ۊB( HHوH[ [\[\BN[[\\&\[[K\]˚[[\\