insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 170

NEWS LLOYD WEBBER HAILS KING’S ROCHESTER The brass musicians at King’s Rochester are celebrating a successful weekend at the Woodard Schools Young Musician of the Year awards which was held on Saturday 6th May in the stunning Elgar Hall, Birmingham. George Crawford, aged 13 and in Year 8 at King’s Rochester Preparatory School won the Junior Young Musician of the Year title playing “En Irlande” by Bozza on the French Horn and classmate Edward Hyde aged 13 was a commended runner-up also on the French Horn playing “Morceau Symphonique” by Alexandre Guilmant. The competition was adjudicated by the internationally famous cellist Julian Lloyd Webber, who commented: “There must be something happening in the brass department at King’s Rochester!” Director of music, Mr Doug McIlwraith commented: “The Musician of the Year competition selects the \]\XX[H[ \ˈH]\Xۈ\^H\و[^[Y[HY[\[H[XY\B[[\\YHXYH][]\œ[X\XK'BԕTHTSSԈTSSPSSԒSPQHSTTHUQSۈ]\^HH LX^K[[܈\[قܝ\H\\]YZ\[X[ M [Z[H[[\\H]Y[ H[ܚ[XYH\Y]H\[]B\[ X\HH\[]\[\H\Z[]Y[[KH H[[[\\\ܜ[]ٙ[HX]]Y[[\[\YHY\][Y\ۈ[Bو]\[ۘX܈[ۙH^KMH[ܚ[XYH\HXX[][[H[[\\]]\H[[܈Y[B[HYXۈH^\Y[\^x&]BY\[Z\[YH]ܝ\H\” X[HY]]\H]Hو\YB[][ۚ[[[[܈YK[][™]\[HH[HX\Z\Z[[\YܙH^H\Z\^[\[H\BوYZ[YKۙH\[ZY8&8&RHZHB[ܚ[XYHX]\H]]\YHH[Hœ[YH]X[]H[YH]^H\Y[˜YܙHH[]\[[\\˸&x&BH[Z\H[[[ۙHܚY[[[ܚ[x&\][\\K\[HZ] XYو]܈YX][ۂZY8'ۙܘ][][ۜ[H[[[Y\]YH M Z[\ˈ]\›ݙ[HYHXH[H\^HوܙX]]\Z[][ۈY[[H[\X[K'