insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 143

The hotel’s current owner, Giuseppina Bolfo, fell in love with the building and surroundings in 1999 (then in need of total refurbishment), and spent seven years lovingly restoring it into the 5-star hotel you see today. Each of the 34 rooms has its own unique features, including gorgeous views (of course), balconies, private gardens, and Giuseppina’s choice of Tuscan fabrics to add to the welcoming feel. Giuseppina’s goal is to make guests feel like they’re being invited into an elegant country residence, to feel right at home, and this is exactly what happened to me, even down to the personal greeting I had from Giuseppina herself. Not your typical Italian 5-star (complete with crystal chandeliers and white-gloved silver service), Hotel Le Fontanelle instead boasts traditional Tuscan décor and a come- in-you're-part-of-the-family atmosphere. Each staff member is always smiling, and nothing is too much trouble. The bedroom was calming and comfortable with just the right touch of luxury (and views!), and the relaxing lounge areas gave me that cosy, comfy feeling I get after a huge, satisfying meal at my grandmother’s house. Speaking of meals, let’s talk about food. The hotel’s Restaurant La Colonna (named after the original stone column that was preserved as the focal point of the restaurant) serves delicious Tuscan cuisine, with seasonal menus created by chef Daniele Canella. On warm, sunny days, of which there are plenty in Tuscany, you can dine on the Belvedere Terrace, offering some of the finest views of the rolling Chianti valleys. During my stay I enjoyed a variety of Tuscan specialties, including my favourite of the week: carrè d’agnello con radicchio, asparagi e salsa ai capperi. If you don’t speak Italian, that means baked loin of lamb with red chicory, asparagus and caper sauce. Paired with a flavoursome Chianti from a vineyard, you guessed it, right down the hill, the meal was perfection – the setting, the service, the fragrances and the flavours. As if there weren’t enough crowning glories of Hotel le Fontanelle, wait until you see the pools. The indoo "VFVB7v֖r0'&vFǒƗBvFF&VRvB&6VBvFw06vrfbFRv&FV2BfWw2&WBFRFv&WFRBGV"6VFW WG6FRBVvRFR7V6R@VFW"&66FRF6FP&V6ƖW"FVfVGW&RWfWrfƖvG2b7F'0WG6FRB^( fBW'6VbBFR&VWFgVWFF"vW&RR6vRvFPgFW&7VVvW"f6rFP&֖2GW666VG'6FRFR6W''FbF2&VFv276vR'FRFV( 2WW'BFW&7B( 2W7FǒvBVVFVBF6WFVǒVvBbFRFV2FRv&BFB( fR@FRV7W&Rbf6FrFVRfFVP֖vBW7BFFVWfVFVvFW&^( 2֖ƖBb6W2vBF6VR7&70FRv&R֖vBW7BfRFFRFW"G&W&RFWW&V6RW&RGW667VFW"fW"vwwrFVfFVR6ФFVfFVPFVTfFVPC0