insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 132

HEALTH+WELLNESS ALL HAIL THE SUPERFOOD cont. Tiger nuts The tiger nut is nothing to do with neither tigers nor nuts and is, in fact, a small root vegetable and traditional food that has been grown and eaten for centuries across the Mediterranean and Africa. Commonly found in the form of tiger nut flour – a great gluten- free, grain-free alternative flour that can be used in baking or cooking – it’s suitable for all types of diets from vegan to Paleo and nut- free. High in fibre and rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, you can expect to see tiger nuts emerge as the dieter’s best friend this year as they’re great for the digestive system and are said to aid weight loss. Super spices 2017 is the undisputed year of the super spice, the king of which is bright yellow turmeric. Why? Turmeric contains curcumin, which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, plays a role in cancer prevention and protects against heart disease, and has also been shown to help relieve the pain of 132 arthritis, injuries and even dental procedures. Other spice royalty includes cinnamon, a nutritional dynamo that keeps cells safe from oxidative stress and dangerous free radicals; saffron, as little as a tenth of a teaspoon of which has been shown to help improve cognitive performance and mood; and cayenne pepper, the capsaicin in w )ЁݕЁͥ丁%׊eɔ她)Ѽѽɔѡյȁ͕ͽ́ձ)ݥȁ́͡ݥѠѡ́ѱ)׊eЁȁȁЁѡ׊e)ȸ)Ё)ЁЁ́х9Ѡɥ5)ѕɸեͥѡ՝ЁɅɕ䁵́)ѼѡȁхѡU,Qɔٔ)ݡ́ѡЁѠ]ɽ͔)M͉éɔѼѽѡȁٕ͡)ݥѠЁЁѡ́啅ȰݕٕȰ٥)хє́Ѡ̸%ӊé܁)ɽѕ́ͼȁɽ)ѡɬȁ Ս䰁ѥ)Ё́ѡͽչѽ) ɕѱ䰁́ɔɵɥɥ䁙ȁѡ)ͼͅ䰁Ё́ɔ)ЁѠ ɕѥɭЁȁЁЁݥ)܁ѡ̀䁝̤Ѽٔ)Ё́ѡeɔɕɕ쁩Ёɔ)ԁ䁽ɝՕ䁙ɕ)A)Qɗéɥаѡɗe̸Qӊe)ɕЃĹݕəհ)͕͔ɕٕѥչɔѡ)ѽéѠ͍́ѕȸA)ɽ̰ձݕȰ)ɽѡхѼɔ)饹ɥѡ兹̀ѡ)ѥᥑЁɕͥȁѡȁȤ)ٔ饹͕͔ѥɽѥ̸)Q䁍ͽѡѥ́ݕ́)չչѥٔͼ͡ݸ)Ѽɽٔ䁅Ʌչѥ