insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 126

HEALTH+WELLNESS CHAMPNEYS SPA HOTEL at Eastwell Manor A HINT OF FAMILIARITY, AN AIR OF LUXURY, AND THE PROMISE OF AN ULTIMATE HEALTH SPA EXPERIENCE; WELCOME TO THE NEW CHAMPNEYS SPA HOTEL AT EASTWELL MANOR. BY SAMANTHA READY Eastwell Manor holds a special place in my heart, so it was with great excitement and a little trepidation that I welcomed the news that it would be joining the legendary Champneys group. Of course I could recognise the benefits of introducing the incomparable health philosophy and spa experience that the Champneys group promises, but like many I was also crossing my fingers that the original charm of this beautiful historic estate would not be lost. Arriving at the newly opened spa on a bright spring morning just days after its official Easter opening, my fears were totally allayed. Gone was the dated pavilion entrance and in its place glass doors gave way to a sleek, pale grey entranceway, statement lighting and a bright, sophisticated double reception area where my guest and I were warmly greeted and given handy Champneys bags complete with robes and flip flops, and a tailored schedule providing pre-booked treatment and lunch times. Led to the swish spa restaurant with curved bench seating, garden views and healthy treats and drinks to begin your day, my guest and I sampled the superfood green smoothie, herbal tea, and yogurt and granola shots before heading off to explore the new spa and leisure facilities. The first thing I noticed? A new hi-tech ground-floor gym with state-of-the-art equipment. The second? The much-improved changing rooms. Now a haven of lockers, private changing areas, and a vanity area with hairdryers and straighteners, as well as new power showers that lead directly to the pool – and it is beautiful. 126 Marble pillars, a large heated pool, huge white loungers configured for one or two to share and a floor-to-ceiling glass divide partitions off the hydrotherapy pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room area, while the windows are fully utilised to make the most of views across the rolling Kentish countryside. This sense of sophistication and tranquility continues in the dedicated second-floor treatment areas where guests, having picked from a range of signature Champneys rituals and treatments, are met by their dedicated therapist and escorted to their treatment room. Thick dark wood, polished tiles, natural stone and comfortable heated beds wrapped in soft, warm towels and blankets…this would do just nicely. My guest was treated to the ‘Champneys Massage’ a full-body Swedish massage that worked away his stresses and strains with ease vRVFW"FR6&VgVG2bRv0WGFW&ǒW&VBvF&Vv776vRv66VFVBvFW&gVfBBVpG&VFVBBFR7B&Vr6676vPFF&Ɨ72fFr&6FvFFRw&VBf"vPvW&RG&wVVBFfW7FvFRFRV6VRv6G'VRF6W262&WBVFBvV&Vr6FRBWBV6W&R&fVBFBVFVFr66&RFVƖ6FR&VWFgVǒ&W6VFVBBfW'F7GvR6fW&VB6W6R6V&VBVrfGVvF6'&B&V7&WB6rBv6&G&W76sƖvB'&B&V6WvFGV6'&V7BBVVvsFvW"&vBF@6VB66V'&V7BvF76@FFW2( 2V67&VF&ǒg&W6BgV`ffW"गN( 27&VFBF6W2'&@7W2vFVFBvV&Vr66P#RFBFW( fR&VV67FWF2FV &W7F&FbF2ƗGFRVF6vVvR@6&֗6rFV"vVF&VWG@vV&Vr6FRVB&W7VB26VV7GƗ6VF7WW&V6RFBvǐ&V6R&RV#f"R6( BvBF&WGW&6W27F27F'Bg& *336VFr7V6fVBG&VFVG2VF'&f662bV6R&&R&RbfƗf266W72Ff6ƗFW2BWG&FW2V6FP6W276fR&W7FW&B6W27FVBV7GvV V7GvV&&VvFVW06f&@V@D#RD wwr6W26V7GvV wwrV7GvV"6V&W6W'fF4V7GvV"6V#33#36W06W2&W6'G0V7GvV