insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 124

FASHION+BEAUTY LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN cont. LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN - FOR MEN THE EVOLUTION OF BEAUTY FOR MEN IS NOTHING SHORT OF PHENOMENAL; WHAT BEGAN AS A (DELICATELY SCENTED) WHIFF OF SUSPICION THAT OUR OTHER HALVES MAY BE POACHING A BIT OF MOISTURISER HERE AND THERE IS NOW AN ENTIRE SLICE OF THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY. FROM HEAD TO TOE, MEN ARE LOOKING AFTER THEIR SKIN, HAIR AND BODIES MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, AND WHY SHOULDN’T THEY? WE’VE COMPILED A LIST OF THE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE TOP-TO-TOE BEAUTY PRODUCTS CURRENTLY ON THE MARKET FOR MEN – A SEX STEADILY PROVING THAT THEY’RE NOT THE LESS FAIR. Hair Eyes Baldness affects around half of men by middle age and while some embrace their hair loss (step up Bruce Willis), it can make other feel less confident. Cue, Regrowz: the first all-natural hair regrowth product that has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss on 100 per cent of people. All you have to do is apply the Regrowz Scalp Stimulant in areas where hair loss is evident, top with Restoration Serum and wash off the next morning. £39.95 Face Aimed at men with energetic, busy lives, Active Gold Collagen is a daily liquid supplement enriched with high do ͕́)共ɽ٥х́Ѽ)ɥ͠ѡͭɽѡͥаѡɕɔ)ɕͥɅѥɕՍѡ)Ʌ́ɥ́́ݕ)́յѡͭЁܸU͔)хݥѠѡѥᥑе) !ɽ5ͬ׊eх啅) Ը ܹ) )Ʌѕӊé䁵)eЁͱ)ɥ͕ȁݥѠѡ)ѼݽݥѠ)ݱٕ̰͡Ёӊe)хЁѼɽ՝)͔́)Ё丁 ́ѥݥѠ͕ѥ)̰ݡɔхЁե́)ѡͭ́ѡɅ݅́ɕѕ́)݅ѼMɤ1́Ёѡȁٕ)ɅѕȀӊé ᥹չ)͕́́ɽݸ䁱́ѡ)ͱѡɽɥͥ Ʌټ Ը)ܹլ()9ѡѼݥѠѡѽȁ)ѡͅ) )Aɽѕ ѕȁ唁I͍Ք)ѕͥٔ唁͕մѼ)쁙ɵձѕݥѠѥ)共ɽѼхɝ)ѡѡȁͭ)ɽչѡ̰Ё́ѡ)Ʌ́)ɥ́ݡɵѡͭɕՍ)ՙ́ͥɬɍ̸ )͕չѥݥѠ) Ʌ͔)UɄ  ɕ䁵ɥ)͕ݥѠͭѕ́Ѥɥх̸+ ȸ Ըܹ͍Յ) ɐ)%԰ѡɐ݅́ٽѕ)ѡ͕ᥕЁ屔)́ɽɕѡЁ͡)ͥ݅MՍ)ͼԁ܁䁉ɐ)䁑ٕѼ)ɕՍѠ͍Ʌэ)չͥѱ͹Aݕȁ!Ѡ)ٕٔݼ)ͥѼɥ͔ͽѕѠѡ)ͭɐ́ݕ́ՉѱɅɅ)Q䁅ѥᥑЁ݅ɵ)х́ȁɕ́Ѽ͔)ѥɕٕЁɽ՝Չɐ)э+ ܹݕɡѠլ))?e-é)!ѡЁ́)չՔɵձ)ɥͥ)ɕ)ՅɅѕѼ)ɽٔ䰁Ʌ)ͭɑݽɭ)и%Ёх́Ʌѥ)单ɥѡЁɅ́ɕх́ɔ)́ݕ́ݕəհɥͥɕа)ѽݡ́ѼɅєѡȰ)ɽ՝ȁͭ ЁЁݽɭ́аͼ)Ё́役ɕȸ+ иܹ齸